Pro Gambler Wanted by Casino for Writing Bad Checks

Ted Forrest

Ted ForrestProfessional poker player Ted Forrest is currently wanted by the Wynn Las Vegas for writing bad checks.

Taking a break from online poker news, we focus this piece on how casinos respond to bad behavior. Casino visitors have to abide by certain rules while at the gaming tables if they are going to be able to take part in gaming and hopefully earn a payday. For most gamblers, following the rules are simple. However, others want to try and cheat the system and once caught, must face the consequences. The latest instance of this happening comes from Las Vegas and involves a top poker pro.

Bad Check Writing

Ted Forrest is a poker player who has had a long career in the poker industry. Holding six World Series of Poker bracelets, Forrest is a respected member of the poker community. This is why it is surprising to learn that the pro is currently wanted by the Wynn Las Vegas for writing bad checks. Reportedly, Forrest wrote bad checks at the casino in 2012 and 2013. Authorities have stated that Forrest cashed two checks at the casino for an amount totaling $215,000. The casino said these checks bounced due to insufficient funds. A warrant has now been issued for the arrest of Forrest in Clark County.

Forrest actually admitted to owing the casino more than $250,000 three years ago and agreed to pay the money back in monthly payments over a ten year time frame. However, the poker pro apparently decided to not make good on his promise to pay the venue back. The casino wants their money now and are turning towards legal action to try and gain payment. Chris Rasmussen is the attorney for Forrest who called the issue a long-standing civil dispute and stating that the casino has now decided to prosecute.

Forrest has been charged by Clark County with theft as well as writing bad checks. The accusations could see the gambler facing prison time if he is found to be guilty. The attorney for the pro is going to ask the judge of Clark County to revoke the warrant.

High Stakes Gambler

Ted Forrest is known throughout the poker industry as a high stakes gambler. He has won more than $6.3 million in live game play as a pro for more than two decades. He is known for making a good portion of his cash with prop bets, which are basically side bets made that can vary. His largest win in the poker industry came years ago, in 2007, when he won the No Limit Hold’em event on the World Poker Tour which had a buy-in of $10,000 and earned a win of $1.1 million. He is used to posting big buy-ins and having the cash to do so, so it is surprising that he wrote the bad checks and will not make good on his promise to pay the casino back.

Having an Opinion

It is also important to note that Forrest has spoken out against those who do not pay their debts. In the past, Forrest had a prop bet with fellow poker pro Mike Matusow. The bet took place in 2010 where Matusow was supposed to drop to 140 from 188 to earn $2 million. Matusow was unable to lose the weight and Forrest stated he was only paid $70,500 instead of the full amount, blasting his fellow player in the process.

Now it seems the tables have turned and Forrest is the one who is not paying his debts. It will be interesting to see if the Wynn has to move forward with litigation or if the pro will agree to pay up to put the matter to rest.