PPA Urging Gamblers to Fight Push for Online Gambling Ban

Poker Players AllianceAs the movement to see a federal online gambling ban put in place in the United States reemerges, the Poker Players Alliance is asking gamblers to fight back.

Over the past few years, opponents of online gambling have tried their hardest to see the activity banned on a federal level in the United States. A strong opponent of such activities is Sheldon Adelson. Adelson has spent millions of dollars trying to get a ban in place so that players will not be able to log online and enjoy casino or poker gaming for real money. In his efforts, including the Restoration of America’s Wire Act which would see the 1961 Wire Act reverted back to its original standing after it had been changed by the Department of Justice in 2011, allowing certain gambling activities to take place online.

Efforts by Adelson were unsuccessful as RAWA was unable to move forward within legislation. Once the bill stalled, it seemed such efforts had stopped, at least for the time being. Now, it seems opponents are back in action and the Poker Players Alliance are asking gamblers to take action.

What’s Going On?

To begin, it is important to understanding what is going on. Earlier this week, it came to light that ten attorneys general of states in the US had decided to sign a letter discussing online gambling with the incoming president and vice president, Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The letter talked about how a ban needed to be put in place and all the ‘wrong’ things about the industry.

This move has many proponents of online gambling worried. Three states already offer such activities, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, while other states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan are looking to pass legislation to offer online casino and poker gaming within their borders. If a federal ban would be put in place, the already established industry along with those who were showing interest would be negated.

Many officials, especially those in Nevada, are speaking out against the letter. Governor Brian Sandoval was not happy to see Adam Laxalt, the attorney general for Nevada, sign his name to the letter since the state already is involved in the online gambling industry. Dina Titus a Representative for the state also found it odd that Laxalt signed the letter and actually penned one herself to show the benefits of being involved in this section of the gaming industry.

Poker Players Alliance in the Fight

When it comes to an overall ban of online gambling, the Poker Players Alliance has been heavily involved in fighting any tactic by opponents. The group is currently asking gamblers to send letters to their representatives to have their voices heard about what they want, which is legalized and regulated online gaming.

The call to action can be tweeted or written to help with the effort to stop the opponents in their tracks. The PPA has written a portion for gamblers which reads:

PPA Statement

The letter will be sent out to US senators and can be signed by those who fill out the personal information. This effort will help to show those in office that players want to have the right to enjoy online gambling how they see fit as long as licensing and regulations are in place.