Poll Shows Support for California Sports Betting Bill

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Voters in California could have multiple options for sports betting come this November. Proponents of legal sportsbooks have proposed a new amendment to the state’s constitution. If passed, it would allow legal mobile sports betting in the Golden State.

Before the proposed amendment can make onto ballots, supporters of the amendment would need to stir up enough support. To do so, they need almost one million signatures on a petition to have the amendment added to the ballot. Signatures would need to be from registered voters and verified by the end of June.

The newest proposal would send a portion of sports betting revenue to fund state programs for homelessness and mental health. According to a recent poll, voters in California largely support the amendment. It has even been shown to be more popular than other sports betting proposals that will be on the ballot this fall.

New California Sports Betting Proposal

California is the most populous state in the US. If it were to allow mobile sports betting, the market would quickly become one of the biggest in the US. However, there is debate among the state’s gaming interest on how electronic sports betting should work.

One proposal calls for California’s constitution to be changed so it allows commercial sportsbooks to run mobile operations. The proposal would also allocate revenue from mobile sports betting to state programs. Specific programs such as anti-homelessness initiatives and mental health services would be funded first.

This proposal has been deemed the “Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act”. The change would allow commercial operations to purchase a mobile license for $100 million. Tribal gaming operators would only have to be $10 million. However, tribal sportsbooks would face additional restrictions on their branding. If approved, the bill would also allocate funds to tribal economic development initiatives.

Poll Results Show Support for Solutions Act

The David Binder Research group recently conducted a poll to gauge support for the proposed changed. In their study, they gave registered voters a simulated ballot. The ballot included information about the proposed sports betting bills that will be on the actual ballot this fall. It also had information about the new proposal.

For the study, the research group surveyed 1,600 registered voters in California. The survey was conducted from March 29th the April 4th. Participants came from all over the state and had varied demographic backgrounds. The results from the David Binder Research study were strikingly different from a similar survey conducted last month.

According to the survey results, 59% of registered voters would support the “Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act”.  Only 28% of respondents said they would reject the proposal. The results of the survey also showed the new act was more popular than other proposed sports betting measures.

Sports Betting Will Be on November Ballots

Previous studies have indicated that voters would support tribal-back initiatives instead. If the “Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act” can get enough signatures, it will be on the ballot. Supporters of the bill need 997,139 signatures to make the cut.

The proposed act has the support of California’s commercial gaming operators. More importantly, it has their funding as well. Supporters of the bill have reportedly planned to spend $100 million in campaign funds to get the needed signatures. In a state with nearly 40 million people, the hardest part of getting signatures may be the time constraint.

Not everyone is on board with the new bill. Tribal gaming officials submitted their own mobile gaming proposal last year. Election officials have already verified the signatures submitted with the petition. As a result, the tribal proposal will be on the November ballot as well. With multiple proposals potentially on the table, the battle for new California sports betting laws could be heating up.


A recent survey shows support for the “Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act” is growing. The David Binder Research group conducted the survey with 1,600 prospective voters in California. According to their results, nearly 60% of respondents support the bill. The poll also shows the act to be more popular than other proposed sports betting changes.

Before voters get a chance to decide, the act must first make it onto the November ballots. Currently, commercial gaming interests are funding a campaign the get enough signatures from supporters. If they can get the nearly one million required signatures, then the act will be added to the ballots this fall.