PokerStars Partners with Mount Airy for Online Gaming

Summary: It was announced this week that PokerStars has signed a new deal with Mount Airy Casino Resort for online gaming in Pennsylvania.

PokerStarsOnline gambling has yet to come to fruition in the state of Pennsylvania, despite it being almost a year since the activity was legalized via the passage of a gaming reform package. Land-based casinos of the state have been working hard to get the new industry going with new deals popping up seemingly every week. Just this week, it was announced that PokerStars will be operating in Pennsylvania thanks to a new deal signed with the Mount Airy Casino Resort.

PokerStars in Pennsylvania

So far, the PokerStars brand has only been active in the state of New Jersey, offering online casino and poker gaming. Entering in to Pennsylvania is a big deal. The brand’s parent company The Stars Group signed a deal with Mount Airy Casino Resort to offer a full suite of products associated with online gambling.

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Operations, USA at The Stars Group, Matt Primeaux, commented on the new deal by stating that the brand is excited to be broadening their presence in the United States via Pennsylvania. With the new deal with Mount Airy, the group now believes they are positioned well to capitalize on the opportunities available in the Commonwealth by bringing their world leading offerings to players in the state.

Mount Airy had already petitioned regulators of the state to begin providing online gambling options for casino and poker gaming. It is still unclear if the operator will be offering sports betting. By partnering with PokerStars, they have the option for all three gaming choices if they want to be involved in each sector.

Vice President of Marketing and Gaming Operations for Mount Airy, Vincent Jordan, commented on the new partnership as well by stating that introducing online gaming via The Stars Group will provide ‘compelling opportunities’ for their customers, the younger customers in particular, as they are ready to experience the next gaming challenge.

Online Poker Update

The fact that PokerStars will be operating in Pennsylvania is great all the way around, but especially for online poker. For some reason, online poker gaming has not taken off as well as online casino gaming has. With the presence of PokerStars in the state, it could signal a turnaround for online poker.

Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have struggled to see significant earnings when it comes to online poker gaming. With the help of PokerStars and a multistate poker deal, we could see online poker numbers jump. Pennsylvania is not currently associated with an agreement for online poker player liquidity sharing, but that could change at any time. There is no doubt that the online poker option in New Jersey is popular and that same popularity should be seen in PA as well.

Mount Airy is also supposed to work with the 888 brand, another popular online poker and casino operator of Europe. With 888, the casino will be offering even more quality content alongside their PokerStars service.

Online gambling is slowly but surely moving forward in Pennsylvania. Regulators are still reviewing

applications for licensing and operators like Mount Airy are forging deals to be able to have the services in place to be ready once online gaming is a go.

It will be interesting to see how soon the industry gets started and if PokerStars is able to gain a foothold as a top provider of online casino and poker gaming.