Plaza Hotel and Casino Prepares St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

The legendary dome entrance of the Plaza Hotel and Casino will be decorated and host a free party on March 16 at 7 p.m. in order to honor the annual holiday of St. Patrick’s day, which is celebrated on March 17. Plaza prepared a lot of interesting things for the day, one of which is fireworks for several locations on the property that will be fired after the show starts. Since green is the official color of this holiday, the fireworks will be green as well, and they will be fired at 10:30 p.m. which is when the party should reach its peak.

This is planned to be an outdoor festivity that will feature a DJ as well as other exciting things to do. Those who like taking photos of themselves will have an opportunity to test the photo booth that will be placed nearby. Furthermore, people who like drinking and playing games will enjoy beer pong and flip cup, which are just some of the activities planned for the evening. Every good party needs food, and because St. Patrick’s day is an Irish holiday, it will bring the guests of Plaza Hotel and Casino certain food and drink specials such as a $5 Banger on a Bun and Irish Slider. If you are up for some Irish fun and you happen to be in Vegas around March 16, make sure to visit this event and create memories for a lifetime.

If you enjoy fireworks and don’t want to miss the chance to see the sky turn green, Plaza is offering several views where you can enjoy the light show. These view spots will be all over the dome and Fremont Street.

The party will not last for one day only, as it runs throughout the weekend (beginning on March 15 and lasting until March 17).  Plaza is preparing a lot of other interesting surprises for visitors such as numerous drink specials at the casino bars. Some of the available drinks will include Jameson Mules and Irish Car Bombs that you can buy for only $7 and Jameson Shots and Grey Goose Le Melons that you can buy for $5. If you are not feeling like drinking liquor, you can always buy Guinness beer in cans or pints for $5 and enjoy St. Patrick’s day like a true Irishman. Although not obligatory, it is always advised that you wear something green for the party in order to have Irish luck and avoid getting pinched!

Why Do We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick is an Irish saint who introduced Christianity to Ireland. He used a three-leaf clover to explain to them the concept of the Holy Trinity, which is why they use this type of clover as one of the main symbols to represent the holiday.

Although originally celebrated only in Ireland, many Americans of Irish decent decided to bring these traditions when they moved to the New Continent.  As a result, Saint Patrick also became popular all over the US and was celebrated not only by the Irish but by other Christians as well. Just like Christmas, this holiday has gained mainstream popularity and is now an integral part of the popular culture in the US, and people absolutely love celebrating Saint Patrick’s day.

The green is worn because that’s Ireland’s national color due to the fact that it is a very green country. Irish people love dressing in green, especially during St. Patrick’s day. Another integral part of celebrating this festival is Irish music, Irish dance, and Irish beverages.

Whether you always celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or this is the first year you’re considering it, be sure to check out the celebration at the Plaza Hotel and Casino if you’re in the area!