PlayUp Is Ready to Launch in Indiana

Hand Holding a $100 Bill Over a Laptop And Casino Games

Online gaming operators are already lining up to launch in the state of Indiana. The Hoosier State failed to pass either of its two potential iGaming bills this year. However, that is not stopping developers like PlayUp from preparing for a potential launch in the state.

PlayUp is an Australian-based iGaming company that already operates in two US states. The company already has a deal in place with Caesars Entertainment to cooperate on an iGaming platform in Indiana. Once the Hoosier State approves online casino games, PlayUp and Caesars will be ready to hit the ground running.

Unfortunately, any approval will have to wait until next year. Both iGaming bills failed to get out of committee in this year’s session. However, Indiana lawmakers are likely to consider new bills next year. If approved, iGaming could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

PlayUp Is Preparing for Eventual Indiana Launch

The Australian-based iGaming developer PlayUp is gearing up for a launch in the Hoosier State. PlayUp has a deal in place with Caesars Entertainment to operate their online casino in Indiana. Now, the companies just need state legislators to legalize online gambling.

Online casino proponents could be waiting for some time. This year, lawmakers considered two bills that would have legalized iGaming in Indiana. However, neither bill even made it out of committee. Still, iGaming proponents hope that a bill passing will pass during the next session in 2023.

Currently, Indiana does allow online gambling through online sportsbooks. The Hoosier State legalized electronic sportsbooks in 2019. The bill to legalize online sports betting originally included online casinos as well. However, lawmakers had to remove iGaming from the legislation in order to get it to pass. Three years later, the fight for legal online slot machines and table games in Indiana continues.

What Is PlayUp?

Caesars Entertainment is one of the largest casino developers in the US. For their potential online gaming operations in Indiana, Caesars has partnered with PlayUp. The Australian-based iGaming company creates platforms for bettors to place their online wagers.

Online sportsbooks have played a large part in the recent US sports betting boom. However, iGaming has lagged behind. Currently, only half a dozen states allow legal iGaming operators. Indiana could be the next to join the list.

PlayUp already has a presence in the US. The online wagering and technology company offers iGaming in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It also operates sportsbooks in Colorado and  New Jersey. They hope to launch sportsbooks in Indiana and Iowa in the coming months.

The Australian-based gaming company also offers a racebook. PlayUp is the official sports betting partner of the NHL team the New Jersey Devils. By partnering with Caesars, PlayUp gains more brand recognition.

Will Indiana Legalize iGaming?

PlayUp and Caesars Entertainment will not be the only proponents of iGaming in the Hoosier State. Indiana has allowed sports betting, both in-person and online, since late 2019. With the success so far of online sportsbooks, iGaming proponents should be able to build support.

According to a study conducted by the Casino Association of Indiana and iDEA Growth, iGaming would bring millions. The study projected potential revenue of $420 million for the state in 2023. That number was based on an 18% tax rate. It also showed that iGaming revenue would steadily increase. By 2027, the revenue was projected to be $611 million.

With eight months before the next session, proponents should have plenty of time to build support. If the Hoosier State has another successful year in sports betting, it should be even easier to turn the tide. If approved, Indiana will join a budding US online gaming market.


Caesars Entertainment and PlayUp have teamed up to offer iGaming services in Indiana. Unfortunately, Indiana lawmakers were unable to pass an iGaming bill this year. If online casinos are legalized next year, PlayUp and Caesars will be ready to launch.

PlayUp is an Australian-based iGaming company that has already started to open up shop in the US. Indiana could be the third state to allow PlayUp online casino games. The company also operates sportsbooks and racebooks online. According to a recent study, legalizing real money online casino games could generate over $400 million in tax revenue.