Planet Hollywood’s Opening Date is Finally Revealed!

It’s been more than six months since all of the casinos in Las Vegas shut down. Most of them have since reopened. New reports surfaced this week that finally reveal Planet Hollywood’s opening date.Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Casino Logo

This is one of the last major casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip to open its doors. Many are excited to see this property operational again. Today, we’re going to talk about when this venue will start accepting guests again.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Casinos Struggle to Attract Tourists

Our team has been covering the fluctuating tourism rates in Las Vegas for months. It’s been a real struggle for the city’s gambling venues to bring in new players. Even with almost all casinos now reopened, the city is still seeing huge drops in overall tourism.

There are many reasons why that is. Obviously, the pandemic has made crippled the travel industry around the country. Most people around the US are unwilling to fly and gamble in Las Vegas at a time like this.

Many are also concerned with the rise in crime on the Las Vegas Strip. There have been a number of shootings in this area of the city over the past few months. Once took place this weekend directly next to The Flamingo Hotel-Casino.

All casinos now open in this city are implementing strict safety measures. Masks are required, plexiglass barriers separate players and dealers, and slot machines are now places farther apart from each other. These measures have also contributed to a drop in tourism.

No one knows when things will completely return to normal here. Some feel they never will. That isn’t stopping the major casino-resorts in this city from opening back up, though. Soon, one of the most popular venues on the Strip will finally open its doors again.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Here’s an Update on Planet Hollywood’s Opening Date

There are a huge number of world-class gambling venues in Las Vegas. Most of the best ones can be found on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s in this part of the city that visitors will find The Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan, and The Venetian.

For months, all of the casinos here were shut down. Beginning in June, these properties were able to open their doors again. One that has remained closed since March is Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, one of the most popular properties in the city.

It’s now been confirmed that Planet Hollywood’s opening date is scheduled for October 8th. Starting on this day, the hotel will accept reservations during weekends. The gaming floor at this property will remain open 24/7.

Many gambling fans are happy to hear that this property will soon be up and running again. It’s interesting to hear that the hotel will only accept guests over the weekends. That is likely to change as the weeks go on.

Many of the restaurants inside this hotel-casino will open on October 8th. All guests here will be required to wear masks and social distance as much as possible. We’ll hear more about the specific safety measures set in place here over the next couple of days.

Circa Las Vegas is Just Weeks Away From Reopening

As we already mentioned, the Las Vegas Strip is home to some of the best casino-resorts in the world. In recent years, however, Downtown Las Vegas has grown to become a major tourist destination, as well. There are some great, new casinos now operating in this area of the city.

Circa Las Vegas is expected to be one of the best new properties in all of Las Vegas. It features a massive gaming floor and a number of luxury suites. Circa will also feature perhaps the best resort-style gaming floor in the entire city.

Many felt this venue would have already opened by now. For obvious reasons, its grand opening has been delayed for months. New reports have finally surfaced that show this new casino-resort will open its doors on October 28th.

The owners of this property hope its opening will help to boost tourism rates in the city. It does seem that more people are slowly beginning to flock to the city. Some fear that things could regress as the winter months approach, though.

Many health experts predict cases of Covid-19 will begin to surge when the colder weather approaches. That already seems to be true in certain areas of the country. That could spell trouble for the casinos currently operating in Las Vegas.

Planet Hollywood’s opening date has been confirmed for October 8th. Are you excited to hear this venue is opening? Let us know in the comments section below!