Penn National Gains Approval for Mini-Casino Near York, PA

Pennsylvania’s casino industry is getting a major upgrade! This week, Penn National Gaming has officially gained its first approval to open a brand new mini-casino near York. It’s fantastic news for fans of casino gambling in this state.

The Word Approved Written In Red

Not long ago, Pennsylvania approved 10 new mini-casinos to open up. Hope is that these gambling establishments help to bring move revenue to the state. Let’s look at how Penn National gained approval to open the casino near York County.

Pennsylvania Approves Plans for 10 New Satellite Casinos

Pennsylvania’s lawmakers have been working hard to revamp the state’s gambling industry. Not long ago, politicians here approved five satellite casinos, also known as mini-casinos, to open in the state. They can only be operated by casino operators which already have gaming licenses here.

Several companies have already paid new licensing fees to launch the mini-casinos, which will soon open in Morgantown, York County, the Westmoreland Mall outside of Pittsburgh, an area just north of Pittsburgh, and Shippensburg. The mini-casinos can only offer players 750 slot machines and 30 table games.

Lawmakers here quickly determined that just five new satellite casinos weren’t enough. Another bill was approved last month to allow five additional mini-casinos to open up. As of now, it’s unclear which companies will request a license for these gaming venues.

Fortunately, companies are beginning to gain approval for these small casinos to open. This week, Penn National Gaming, one of the top casino companies in Pennsylvania, received permission to launch a mini-casino near York. Let’s look at how this came about.

Mini-Casino Near York Receives Township Approval

Penn National Gaming was one of the first companies to bid for a mini-casino license. The company paid $50 million to open a satellite casino in York County. Unfortunately, Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors seemed unwilling to approve a casino to open.

This week, things took a turn. The Board of Supervisors here approved Penn National’s plan to open a casino at the York Galleria Mall. Justin Tomevi, a supervisor with the Springettsbury Township, states that the approval is the sign that the town is “comfortable with the project moving forward.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Penn National can immediately open a new mini-casino near York. The company still needs several more approvals from the supervisory group before any construction can begin. Many York County residents are now voicing their concerns about a new casino opening up.

One local questioned whether smoking will be allowed in the casino. Penn National Gaming claims that 50% of the casino will permit smoking, while the other 50% will not. Another local claimed that she was worried about the traffic that this new gaming venue will produce here.

Regardless of the local concerns, Penn National has gained its first approval to open the mini-casino. It’s likely that within a couple of years, the gaming venue will officially open its doors.

Sports Betting Proves Successful for Pennsylvania

Allowing additional casinos isn’t the only change to this state’s gambling industry. A new gambling bill approved in 2017 allows the state to regulate sports betting. Once PASPA was struck down in 2018, lawmakers immediately began working on plans to allow sports betting inside the state’s casinos.

The first land-based sportsbook opened here in late 2018. In May of this year, several Pennsylvania casinos also began offering online sports betting services. It’s already proving to be a hugely successful industry.

This past June, more than 40% of all sports bets here were made over the internet. Online sports betting operations brought the state $46.3 million that month. Now, many are calling for internet casino gambling to become legal here, as well.

A number of states now offer legal internet casino gambling options. New Jersey earns millions of dollars each month through this industry. There are several amazing PA online casinos available right now, yet none of them are regulated by the state.

Based on the success of the online sports betting industry, it’s likely that lawmakers in Pennsylvania will soon regulate internet casino gaming. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates to this state’s gambling industry over the next few months!