Parx Casino Wants Skin Limit for PA iGaming Operators

Parx Casino

Parx CasinoParx Casino reportedly wants to see online gaming operators limited to the number of skins they can operate in Pennsylvania.

Online gambling is steadily moving forward in the state of Pennsylvania. Last October, the state passed legislation to allow online casino and poker gaming to take place. Last week, the online licensing process began with operators in several areas of iGaming finding applications available on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board site. However, now it seems information has come to light regarding skins of online gaming providers. Reportedly, Parx Casino wants to see operators limited as to the number of skins they can operate.

Limit the iGaming Skins

According to Online Poker Report, an article at GamblingCompliance is reporting that some operators in Pennsylvania wish to see a limit placed on the number of skins an operator licensed for online gaming can have. As final regulations involving iGaming are configured by the Board, this is a detail that must be configured.

According to GamblingCompliance, a letter was found penned by Parx Casino to the Board, stating that they have a preference as to how many regulations for iGaming should be written. Included in these regulations should be a limit of one skin per licensee. In the letter, Parx makes it clear that they want to see licensees holding just one skin per Certificate Holder.

Parx Casino wants different categories of interactive games available to the Certificate Holder on the single skin limited to what has been approved on their Interactive Gaming Certificate. Essentially, Parx wants to see each license holder having one casino or poker website with the licensee name.

So why would Parx want to limit online gambling skins to one per license holder? Since the company is the current top operating casino in the state, they would want to limit the skins, so they could maintain a top spot with online gaming as well. The less skins available means less competition. In the beginning, Parx was against online gambling legalization for PA and even testified against the option in 2017. While they were opposed, the company is not going to let iGaming take place without being involved and trying to secure a stronghold within the new gaming industry.

Different Than New Jersey

The most successful state in the US when considering online gaming is of course New Jersey. The online gambling industry of NJ is very successful, and licensees have multiple skins that have been deployed. Many times, the skin will have a different name than the one related to the license holder. Without multiple skins, New Jersey would most likely not have seen the boom in iGaming as they have, with 2917 generating $245 million. The state looks to generate even more this year.

On the positive side, there is support for multiple skins in PA and one group has stepped forward to show support for no limits on gaming skins. The iDevelopment and Economic Association created a letter to the Board stating that no limit should be made on skins or for regulators to follow the example of New Jersey and have five skins per license holder, as reported by Online Poker Report.

According to this letter, the group feels that limiting the skins would choose winners and losers in the new market, handing the online gaming industry to the largest land-based casino operators in PA.

For now, no decision has been made as to how many skins will be allowed. It will be interesting to watch in the coming weeks to see if the Board makes a decision on skins and what number they choose.