Palms Casino Resort Unveils Major Art Showcase

In May of 2016, Station Casinos purchased the Palms Casino Resort for $313 million. Almost immediately, this company began investing into renovations of the popular Las Vegas gambling establishment. These renovations are now nearly complete and several incredible pieces of artwork can now be found throughout the hotel.

Artist Painting

Today, we’re looking at some of the pieces of art on display at the Palms. We’ll also look at some of the recent issues this casino and its owners have faced this year. There’s a lot of information to unpack!

Art Showcase Now on Display at Palms Casino Resort

Over the past three years, Station Casinos has invested more than $690 million into renovations of the Palms. Portions of the renovated hotel began opening in 2018. The full renovation is slated to finish within the next few months.

Part of this renovation was adding art pieces throughout the hotel. Jon Gray, general manager of the Palms Casino & Hotel, gave a statement to the media about the addition of world-renowned art pieces here.

“Guests are brought on a visual journey from the minute they walk in the door and will find special touches at every corner, from our gaming felts down to the mini-bar,” he said. “We have curated a collection that is bold, relevant to today’s traveler and most of all a truly interactive experience.”

Below are just a few of the incredible pieces of artwork now being showcased here.

Palms – By Adam Parker Smith 

Brooklyn-based artist Adam Parker Smith has taken his unique balloon-style art to the Palms Casino Resort. He’s created a “Palms” sculpture directly at the hotel’s porte-cochere. Guests will be greeted with this incredible piece over a beautiful living greenery wall.

Pearl Theater – Felipe Pantone

One of the Palm’s most popular bars is getting a major upgrade thanks to Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone. He’s created an incredible 80s-themed piece of artwork over the Pearl Theater for all visitors to enjoy. It’s a vintage piece that’s truly one of a kind.

Lamborghini ‘Twin Turbo’ Countach – Benedict Radcliffe

Perhaps the most impressive new piece of artwork at the Palms is the Lamborghini ‘Twin Turbo’ Countach by Benedict Radcliffe. This artist is known around the world for creating incredible pieces of art out of just wire. He’s built a Lamborghini sculpture in his signature style that’s located directly in the hotel’s valet.

These are just a few of the amazing pieces of art now being displayed at this casino-resort. For a full list of the artwork here, check out this piece by the LA Weekly.

Las Vegas Culinary Union Continues to Fight With Palms Resort

It hasn’t been a great year for Station Casinos. As we mentioned earlier, this company purchased the Palms in 2016. In April of 2018, 84% of workers at this casino voted to unionize.

Station Casinos has been largely anti-union over the years. As you’d probably expect, they’ve refused to negotiate the worker’s right to unionize, causing some issues with Las Vegas-based unions. As a result, the LV Culinary Union has ramped up its fight against both the Palms and Station Casinos.

Not long ago, workers decided to picket outside the Palms Casino. Hundreds of workers have taken part in these protests, demanding that negotiations finally take place.

Even some of the most prominent politicians in the country are getting involved. Just last week, Bernie Sanders called on Station Casinos to give in to the workers’ demands. It’s a complicated issue that’s likely to drag on for weeks.

For now, the Palms is doing business as usual. The hotel’s renovations are nearly complete and some of the best pieces of art are now on display here. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, feel free to check them out!