Pennsylvania Online Lottery Enhances Banking Options


While the online lottery is only in the early stages in Pennsylvania, changes have already been made to provide easier banking for players.

When it comes to online gaming, one of the most important factors is banking. Players need to be able to have access to the best banking options available, so that they can easily deposit funds for game play and withdraw their winnings. The state of Pennsylvania is set to offer several online gaming options after a gaming package was passed into law in the fall of last year. Online casino and poker gaming as well as online lottery options are to become a reality this year.


iLotteryOnline lottery gaming launched only a short time ago, with the Pennsylvania Lottery already creating a new deal to see financial technology change to offer even more banking options via the online lottery website.

Official online lottery sales began at the PAiLottery site on May 29th, with a great reception by gamblers. The lottery launched online with 11 instant win games, with the scratch offs being similar to online slot games with bonus rounds. Players can begin wagering at just $0.01 per round, making the games affordable for everyone.

To take part in real money lottery gaming online, players will need to create an iLottery account and then put funds in place. During the soft launch round, MasterCard and Visa Debit Cards were accepted for deposits. The goal was to offer a simple option in the beginning and then add more payment methods later on.

ACH e-Check and PayNearMe were added soon after during the early portion of June as the online lottery games officially launched. Players still do not have access to credit card use for online gaming. Soon, adding funds to an online lottery account should be much easier.

New Partnership

The Lottery has partnered with Global Payments, a financial technology service provider based in the US. The goal of the new partnership is to a frictionless form of deposit as well as withdrawal for gaming. The lottery will be using the subsidiary of Global Payments, known as Gaming Solutions. Automated clearinghouse services will be used to allow customers to deposit within their accounts and receive prizes via a checking account.

Drew Svitko is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Lottery who commented on the efforts to make payments easier by stating:

Drew Svitko's Statement

Global Payments Gaming Solutions is happy to be working with the Pennsylvania Lottery, with President Christopher Justice commenting on the partnership by stating that the company has almost two decades of experience working with gaming organizations to be able to provide a simple, secure and convenient player experience. The company is thrilled to be working with the Pennsylvania Lottery to help them increase their player engagement and accessibility as they begin offering new innovative experiences.

Players must be 18 years of age or older to take part in online lottery gaming within the state. Geolocation technology is used to find the location of the player to ensure they are within the state’s borders. Players have the option to play the lottery games for free to test and see which games are preferred or play for real money.

It will be interesting to see how the lottery fares as players have even more banking options when it comes to depositing and obtaining funds via Global Payments.