Pennsylvania Lottery Sets Record with Ticket Sales

Pennsylvania Lottery

Pennsylvania LotteryThe Pennsylvania Lottery has been able to set a new record in the gaming industry by seeing the most entries in a Scientific Games contest via the US Lottery.

The lottery is offered in several states across the US, with players from many states taking part either while traveling or from home. There are many games to play, from scratch offs to instant wins. Players love taking part in lottery gaming as you never know what will happen. Many a millionaire have been created thanks to the simple decision of purchasing a lottery ticket. Just recently, the Lottery of Pennsylvania announced they were able to set a new record for the lottery industry after seeing the most entries ever in a recent Scientific Games promotional event.

Second Chance Contest

Second chance contests are nothing new to the lottery. Many lottery gaming manufacturers will offer a second chance game in which players can use their existing tickets during a second drawing to see a lucky player or players win a prize. In Pennsylvania, the lottery took part in a second chance offering known as the Secret Santa Second-Chance Drawings.

With this second chance opportunity, players could enter to win a cash prize starting at $10,000 and going as high as $100,000. Over 15.8 million tickets were entered into this drawing which has led to creating a record breaking event. The promotion lasted ten weeks and in that time frame, the VIP Players Club of the Pennsylvania Lottery saw an increase in new registered players by 13%. 76,000 players signed up to be members of the program.

Pennsylvania Lottery Executive Director, Drew Svitko, commented on the recent record by stating that for the 3rd year in a row, the lottery has worked with Scientific Games to offer a second-chance promotion during the holiday season. Previous years proved to be successful but the 2016 promotion engaged players on a new level, several levels in fact. For the first time, the lottery included every draw game and the promotion allowed the state lottery to continue to engage players and raise money to help the older generation of Pennsylvanians.

Understanding the Promotion

The 2016 version of the holiday promotion took ques from the 2014/2015 versions. A mobile interactive game was created by Scientific Games that was played over two million times during the time period of the promo. On average, the game was played 28,000 times a day. Players were able to take part in gaming via social media and share info as well as take part in leaderboard competitions.

Scientific Games Vice President of Digital Content Studio, Amy Hill, stated that the company added a fun twist to the promotion for 2016 where players could choose from two second-chance drawings. Players could opt for the Secret Santa drawing which included an unknown prize or take part in the Not So Secret Santa where the prize was to be from $10,000 to $100,000. Most chose the Secret Santa option which proved that players love to be surprised.

Players would simply enter non-winning tickets from instant games in order to take part. Players could also use winning and non-winning draw games except the Raffle to try and win an extra prize. The sales for games that met this criteria during the promotional period reached close to $40 million.

The app was installed on more than 466,000 mobile devices since it was created in 2014 and should continue to be a top option for players as everyone wants a second chance at winning a top lottery prize!