Pennsylvania Lottery Enjoys Record-Breaking Fiscal Year

Pa Lottery

Pa LotteryThe 2017-18 fiscal year for the Pennsylvania Lottery was a success, with record breaking numbers released by the state.

The official numbers for the 2017-18 fiscal year regarding lottery gaming in Pennsylvania have been released with the state seeing a solid return, with a 4.6% increase when compared to last year’s figures. For the fiscal year that started on July 1st, 2017 and ended this past June 30th, the state lottery earned $4.2 billion with traditional game sales. This was a nice increase from the $4.13 billion earned last year.

The State and Players Win

With more lottery sales, means more winners were produced. The Pennsylvania Lottery gave players over $2.7 billion in winnings during the year, which is a 5% increase from last year. A total of 67 players were made millionaires.

Sales continued to grow last year which created more winners but also helped to benefit the lottery retailers. More than 9,300 Lottery retailers shared sales commission of just over $224 million. This was a 5.6% increase from the commission total from the last fiscal year.

Drew Svitko, the Lottery Executive Director, commented on the results of the year by stating that the figures were encouraging as they show the ongoing modernization efforts of the lottery are succeeding. The lottery faces increasing competition from sports betting, satellite casinos and other forms in the state, so they must continue to work hard to see revenues grow to benefit the older residents of the state.

Individual Game Totals

Breaking down the lottery revenues by individual game, the scratch-off games were the highest producer. The games were able to set a new sales record for the last fiscal year and would account for more than 67% of the total sales produced. The Fast Play option was able to provide a full year of sales and managed to exceed the projections made by a whopping 14%.

Keno was added in May of this year along with online lottery interactive games. Both have made an impact despite only being in operation for a few weeks before the fiscal year ended. Keno brought in $7.6 million while online lottery sales surpassed the $20 million mark.

With the lottery games, each dollar in sales is broken down a specific way. Of one dollar, $0.65 will go to the winner of the game, $0.26 will be placed in the Lottery Fund, $0.07 is placed as a commission for the Lottery retailers and $0.02 goes to expenses for operation.

With the record-breaking total of sales for the fiscal year, the Lottery Fund was able to see $1.1 billion contributed. This money goes towards the older residents of the state. This was 4.3% more than what was contributed last year, which is a promising result. It also marks the seventh year running that the state has been able to contribute more than $1 billion to this fund thanks to lottery gaming sales.

Programs that benefit from the Lottery Fund contributions include PACE and PACENET, low-cost prescription plans provided by the state as well as eldercare services, transportation services offer free or reduced fares along with property tax and rent rebates.

The Pennsylvania Lottery has caused some criticism this year as they began offering online gaming options. Land-based casinos in the state complained that their offerings were far to similar to what they would be providing once their online gaming industry launched later on this year. Despite filing complaints against the lottery, the casinos have yet to see any changes made to the online lottery gaming options.