Pennsylvania Casino Revenues Continue to Soar

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PA StatePennsylvania’s 12 casinos see nice increase in revenues which is a strong indicator that online gambling would do well in the state.

The state of Pennsylvania continues to be the next in line with what experts believe will be the next state to legalize online gambling. Many believe that if Pennsylvania were to legalize online casino and poker activity, they would be a tipping point which would help other states to begin to pass legislation. Currently, casinos in the state are seeing an increase in revenue earnings which has many to believe that the state has the audience to begin online gambling and be successful.

3% Increase Year-On-Year

When comparing the year-on-year totals for the month of July in Pennsylvania, the state was able to see an almost 3% increase in revenues earned. While this may not seem like a lot, when you consider the millions being earned, the amount is quite significant. The leader of the pack in earnings for July was the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem which earned just over $48 million for the month. The big revenue earnings were mainly due, in part, to the new electronic hybrid terminals the venue added.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board released the new figures which shows that the state was able to earn $288.45 million total for the month of July. For Sands Casino, the figures for the month are an almost 6% increase from July totals of 2015. Table games improved by nearly 12% while $402,000 was earned via the new hybrid gaming terminals.

A member of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Richard McGarvey, stated that for the games to be out just one month, it clearly shows the interest is there for the hybrid gaming option. The type of game tends to take some time to catch on so McGarvey expects the Sands Casino to earn even more from the game in the coming months.

As far as table games are concerned, the state was able to see an improvement of just over 8% with a total of $75.02 earned. The SugarHouse Casino was actually the big earner when it comes to table games, bringing in $9.27 million for the month. This was an increase of just over 33%. Overall gaming revenues came in at $25.06 million.

The Parx Casino and Racing venue was able to earn $47.67 million for the month with $14.01 million earned from table games. This was an almost 4% increase for the venue overall. Presque Isle Downs and Casino was also up, earning $12.72 million for the year. This was over 4.5% more than last July.

In the loser category is the Mount Airy Casino Resort. This venue was down almost 2% in revenues, earning $17.43 million. The casino is currently contesting a yearly tax set by regulators at $10 million for host cities and towns of casinos on the state, a price that they say they cannot afford.

Online Gambling Future

It seems that online gambling will have a bright future in the state if legislators can simply pass a law allowing the activity to take place. Land based casinos are already successful and would be able to provide the groundwork for an online gambling site to be created. The customer base is there, players would simply just need to get online.

One could assume that activity would take place as it does in other states with casinos working with online gambling operators after gaining the necessary approvals including licensing. It will be interesting to see if the state officials are able to get it together to pass legislation and be the next state to offer online gambling in the US.