The Opening Date of the Rio Las Vegas Has Been Revealed!

Rio Las Vegas

It’s been nearly eight months since the casinos across Nevada were shut down. Incredibly, some of the casinos here are still closed to the public. New reports indicate that the opening date of the Rio Las Vegas has been scheduled for December 22nd!

This is the last Caesars-owned Las Vegas property still shut down. Many fans of this venue are excited to see it up and running again. Today, we’re going to discuss what is being planned for the Rio.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Officials Are Still Working Hard to Boost Tourism Numbers

Every city around the US has been affected by the events in 2020. Perhaps none have seen their economies hit quite as hard as Las Vegas. When the casinos shut down back in March, this city saw much of its economy completely come to a halt.

Las Vegas is known for its gambling and entertainment industry. It’s a city that relies on tourism in a major way. A huge percentage of the workforce in Las Vegas are involved in the tourism industry in one way or another.

In June, the casinos here began opening back up. Tourism rates slowly began to increase once again. As more venues reopened, tourism rates increased. These numbers are still significantly lower than what was seen in 2019, though.

The casino companies here continue to struggle. As a result, many have been forced to close for certain days of the week. The Encore Las Vegas and Park MGM are both shutting down for multiple days every week until further notice.

Officials here are working hard to increase tourism numbers. Unfortunately, many analysts predict that the upcoming winter months will lead to a major drop in tourism figures. Some even worry we could see another casino shutdown like the one back in March.

It’s a difficult time for casino operators. We’re now hearing when one of the most beloved casinos in Las Vegas will reopen to the public.

Caesars Offers Update on the Opening Date of the Rio Las Vegas

When most people think of Las Vegas, they imagine the Strip and all of the world-class casino-resorts featured here. As many know, however, some of the best gambling properties in the city are based away from the Strip. That includes the Rio Hotel and Casino on West Flamingo Road.

This venue, owned by Caesar Entertainment, closed its doors in March. Interestingly, it’s remained closed to the public since that time. Fans of this property have been asking for an update from Caesars Entertainment for years.

In early November, officials at Caesars claimed this property would reopen to the public before the end of 2020. This week, we received another update on the opening date of the Rio Las Vegas. Caesars claims it will finally begin accepting guests again on December 22nd.

Caesars president and chief operating officer Anthony Carano released a statement to the media about this situation to the media this week.

“We recognize the incredible effort it has taken to reopen our resorts and get us to this important milestone, and we look forward to welcoming our Team Members and Guests back to Rio with their health and safety still top of mind,” Carano said. 

It’s big news for Caesars. This company has been working hard to expand this year. Hopefully, the Rio manages to help boost tourism in Las Vegas.

Are More Casino Shutdowns on the Horizon?

It was incredible to see the country’s land-based casino industry completely shut down in March. This had never been done before and it had a huge number of unintended consequences. Some feel we’re heading towards another shutdown situation in the near future.

Cases of Covid-19 have been increasing around the country for weeks. Health experts across different states are trying to figure out the best approach to this situation. Casino companies are eagerly waiting to see what takes place.

Most agree that mass casinos could be devastating for the industry. Places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are still struggling now with casinos open. If tourism stops in these places again, these cities may not recover for years.

Many casino companies are taking different approaches to increase revenue. Some have been adjusting hours to cut down on costs. Others, like Caesars, are working to break into the newly-emerging US sports betting market.

Casinos are still in uncharted waters. Even now, casinos remain closed. We’ll continue offering updates on the state of this industry over the next few months.

Are you excited to hear about the opening date of the Rio Las Vegas? Do you plan on visiting Las Vegas before the end of the year? Let us know in the comments section below!