Ontario Cyber Attack Has Gamblers around The World Worried

Casino Rama Resort, Ontario

A casino in Ontario has become subject to a data breach which brings about concern for gamblers around the world in regards to their personal info.

Anyone who has been to a casino knows that personal information is provided to the venue in a variety of ways. If you are staying on site, then you use credit cards and personal info to be able to book your hotel room. If you are taking out a cash loan in the cashier cage, you will use personal information to do so. We even provide our personal details when we sign up for a player rewards card. Casinos across the United States have access to personal information for millions if not billions of people when added together. But this is nothing to worry about right? After a recent data breach at a Canadian casino, residents in the US and around the world are beginning to worry more about handing over personal information.

Casino Rama Resort Attacked

Casino Rama Resort, OntarioIt was on November 4th that the Casino Rama Resort of Ontario was first alerted that a data breach had occurred. The First Nations resort casino was the victim of a cyber-attack and saw information in regards to vendors, employees and customers taken. In a press release, it was announced that the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation are working on the investigation into the matter along with other groups to try and find out how the breach occurred.

John Drake is the CEO and President of Casino Rama Resort who stated that data security is a top priority of the gaming venue and they take responsibility in protecting customers, employees and vendors personal information very seriously. Reportedly, the hacker involved claims that data was stole from the casino that includes IT info, financial reports of the casino and hotel, reports of security incidents, emails of casino employees, credit inquiries of patrons visiting the venue and more. Information regarding employees reportedly dates back to 2004 and continues until this year.

In a statement, Drake said that the casino deeply regrets the situation and recognizes the seriousness of the issue. The teams have been working nonstop with cyber security experts and appreciate the understanding that customers, employees and stakeholders have had with the venue as they continue to investigate the matter.

What Do Those Affected Do?

Anyone who has visited the venue is being advised to monitor bank accounts, credit cards, etc. The same is being said to employees as well as vendors. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the financial institution connected to the problem. The casino has stated that there does not seem to be any signs that the hacker still has access to the system. Casino Rama has warned everyone that the hacker could publish the info at any time he or she so chooses.

So what do you do if you have been to the venue? Monitor your bank accounts, credit cards; basically all of your financial information. You need to track everything to make sure that nothing has changed and that there are no fraudulent charges on your account. If you frequent casinos, be sure to use the same account so that if this were to happen in the United States, you have the option to check one account and can keep track of any purchases to ensure you are not taken advantage of. In a digitalized world, it is easy for hackers to gain access to our personal information so it is wise for everyone to stay on top of financials to ensure no issues exist.