Online Poker Bill Advances in New York

New York

New YorkAfter sitting for months with no movement, an online poker bill in the state of New York is now being considered once again.

Back in January, an online poker bill was being considered in the state of New York. This bill, S 3898, was short-lived as it was not considered after 2018 began. After months of no consideration, the bill is now back in action. Reportedly, the bill was committed out of the Finance Committee and has moved on to the Rules Committee where it will be finally be considered after months sitting dormant.

Will Online Poker Come to Pass?

The Senate of New York has been a strong supporter of online poker gaming. In the past, online poker legislation was able to move through the Senate only to stall in the Assembly with little to no consideration. The New York Assembly never even took the time to vote on the idea of online poker gaming based on legislation presented.

This year, it seemed that the Senate was leaving the possibility of passing online poker gaming into law up to the Assembly. However, lawmakers are tired of waiting and the Senate bill has now bee resurrected.

The legislative session for the state is set to end on the 20th of this month, so that leaves little room for the bill to move forward. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently stated that nothing would be happening this year because there are only so many days left in the current legislative session, regarding sports betting, something that is being considered alongside poker gaming.

The Senate has been able to pass legislation last minute so we could see a big push over the next few weeks and poker gaming online might become a reality or even a mix of sports betting and poker combined.

Sports Betting/Poker Connection?

When Pennsylvania passed legislation last year to see online casino and poker gaming pass into law, as well as other gambling expansions, it showed other states that multiple gaming additions can be included in legislation all at once. With all eyes on sports betting in the United States over the past few weeks after the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the activity, states are pushing to begin offering sports betting.

New York would fall behind if they do not pass legislation involving sports betting. Delaware started offering sports betting this week and neighboring state New Jersey will be getting started anytime. Pennsylvania is also working on a launch. So, it is possible that New York legislators might come up with a bill that not only covers poker but also sports betting, taking care of both options at once.

While this is strictly speculation, online poker might have a better chance of passing into law if it is combined with sports betting. For some reason, legislators in the US seem to be more open to sports betting than poker, why, it’s not entirely clear. For those who are against online poker gaming, it may be a smart move to add in sports betting within legislation to soften the minds of those who are opposed to poker being offered online.

Over the next few weeks, we will stay on top of all legislative movements and report if anything takes place in New York. There will either be a mad scramble to pass legislation involving poker and/or sports betting or the state will fail to make changes to their gambling landscape unlike other states nearby like Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.