Online Lottery Progresses Further in Pennsylvania

PennsylvaniaThe state of Pennsylvania is getting closer still to launching online lottery gaming.

Just a few days ago, even more regulations were released in the state of Pennsylvania. This time, the regulations focused on online lottery gaming and puts the new activity one step closer to coming to fruition. Temporary regulations were released by the state Department of Revenue that cover online lottery gaming rules, registration and participation requirements as well as self-exclusion requirements for the new industry.

The temporary regulations will be in place for as long as two years as the state works on the permanent regulations. Within the next thirty days, the Department of Revenue will be accepting any suggestions or comments as well as objections to the temporary regulations.

Breaking down the Regulations

For the most part, the online lottery system of Pennsylvania will function just as other states. Players will have to be 18 years of age to take part and be located physically within the state borders. Players who register to play will have to provide age and identity verification that must be geolocated in order to access tickets or instant win games.

For players who are creating an account, the name must be provided as listed on an ID card or tax documents. The date of birth, last four numbers of social security as well as home address must be listed. telephone and email are also required.

For a lottery website, the regulations state that games must be listed by name as well as purchase price to play. The chances of winning the game and prizes available have to be listed in plain sight along with game instructions. Any bonus information, like mini games, game within a game, etc. must be included at the site as well.

As far as responsible gaming policies are concerned, self-exclusion requirements are included. Requests to be excluded can be made via a player’s account with consumers having the ability to choose from several time periods for exclusion. It is important to note that players who exclude themselves from gaming will not be able to remove any funds from their account within the exclusion time frame.

No Casino Games

The regulations have defined an online lottery game as one that does not include games that represent casino style lottery games, like blackjack, poker, roulette, etc. It seems that the lottery offering will not be able to include gaming options that simulate traditional casino games.

The state has yet to begin offering online casino or poker gaming and seem to be more focused on other areas of gaming expansion, like the lottery and satellite casinos. While the licensing process is ongoing, and applications will be accepted later on this month, players are still quite some ways away from being able to enjoy their favorite online casino games in the state.

Once online lottery games are launched, it will be interesting to see how well they are received by residents of the state as well as visitors.  It has been estimated that online lottery gaming will do quite well for Pennsylvania, but it takes actual game play to see the true numbers. Many states have seen less than stellar revenue earnings when it comes to the introduction of new gaming options. in many cases, the estimates are far higher than what is actually earned.

For Pennsylvania, these new regulations place the state one step closer to launching online lottery gaming. Hopefully, in the coming weeks we will see a timeline as to when to expect the online games to go live.