Online Lottery Better Be Legalized with Online Sports Betting Says Massachusetts Treasurer

Summary: As online sports betting is being considered in Massachusetts, one official says that online lottery gaming better be included as well.

Since the United States Supreme Court ruled in May of 2018 that sports betting can now be legalized in individual states, lawmakers have been rushing with legislation to get in on the action. Several states have already legalized sports betting, both online and in land-based form. In Massachusetts, online sports betting is under consideration and the state treasurer is now calling for online lottery gaming as well.

With One Should Come the Other

The Massachusetts Gaming CommissionDeborah Goldberg, the State Treasurer, commented recently after a Lottery Commission meeting that if sports betting goes online then the lottery needs to be able to offer online services as well. The state almost passed legislation three years ago to allow online ticket sales but the proposal being considered died without moving forward.

Now, sports betting is being considered and it seems online lottery gaming may soon be back in the mix. Goldberg supports online sales and wants to see the state get started in offering this option. As consideration has been given to online casino and poker games, Goldberg has urged online lottery sales as well. The treasurer says that the state cannot continue to be successful unless they modernize their offerings.

And she is right. As gambling continues to evolve, players are more likely to access services if they can do so online. Players want to be able to enjoy their favorite games on the go and not be tied to a desktop computer. The wave of the future involving online gambling is mobile usage and those who do not offer such options will fall behind.

With an online lottery selection, players would be able to purchase tickets via mobile device or desktop. Players who purchase their tickets in store would still do so, but an online option would open up the market to a new group of participants. Or perhaps more sales as players would not have to be out and about to buy tickets.

Online Lottery Gaming

Several states have passed online lottery gaming legislation and are offering services. States that have passed such legislation include: Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Illinois, Kentucky and Georgia. For Massachusetts to join the pack, it would be huge for the state. The lottery in Massachusetts already generates $1 billion in annual revenues. So much more could be earned if online sales were allowed.

For the most part, online lottery ticket sales include the Mega Millions, Lotto and Powerball. Players can easily access sites that offers online ticket sales and purchase what they wish. If Massachusetts began offering online sales, the lottery site would have to add a section that offers tickets online.

Even though the treasure is pushing for online lottery gaming, the road ahead will be difficult. It seems lawmakers are more centered on sports betting and adding in online lottery sales might be tough. However, we may see that the state ends up combining sports betting, lottery online sales, online casino and poker gaming all in one package.

If Massachusetts were to do so, they would be the second state in just over a year to pass legislation combining several aspects. The last to do so was Pennsylvania, when they passed a large gaming expansion package in 2017.