Online Gaming Up for Consideration in New York Once Again

New YorkOnline gaming is set to be reviewed in New York again this year.

Last year, movement was made by several states in the US regarding online gaming. While several states considered online gaming legislation, only one was able to pass legislation. Pennsylvania was the only state to see legislation become law, with online gaming set to begin this year. One of the state’s considering iGaming in 2017 was New York. A measure involving online poker was passed by the state Senate back in the summer and lawmakers are now ready to give it another try this year.

S 3898 Back In Action

The website of New York Legislature has S 3898 listed as an officially dead bill on January 3rd. However, this measure is now sitting in the Senate within the Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee. A bill similar in nature is also sitting in the Assembly but it has not been voted on yet and was introduced back in February of last year. The Senate or House bill could be the path for New York to move forward with iPoker gaming.

It seems that New York may be seriously considering online poker now that neighboring state Pennsylvania is set to offer the activity along with casino gaming online. Pennsylvania passed their own bill in October of last year as part of an expanded gaming package. The state will begin offering online gaming later on this year. Pennsylvania already has the second largest casino market, in the commercial sense, in the United States. For New York to be in any way competitive, it would be smart for them to begin offer iGaming as well.

Pennsylvania has passed full online gaming, with casino and poker in the mix. For New York, the focus is simply on online poker games, of the peer to peer variety. It is also important to consider the fact that New Jersey just recently decided to share poker player pools with Delaware and Nevada. Pennsylvania will most likely join up, creating an even larger liquidity of online poker gamers.

New York may be interested in poker, so they can get in on the player sharing early. It is also important to note that the state is close to finishing their expansion in land based casinos. The last casino will open in February. In the past, lawmakers of NY have stated they wanted to focus on land-based gaming venues first and then move on to focus on online gaming.

The state decided to begin offering commercial land based gaming when it was found that around $1 billion a year was being spent on casino gaming in neighboring states. New York wanted to keep those revenues within their borders so decided to pass legislation to create the commercial casinos. The state is also home to racinos and tribal casinos, creating a broach spectrum of casino gaming once the final Las Vegas-style gaming facility is open.

Waiting Game

Now, it will simply be a waiting game to see if the state will move forward the online poker legislation and how quickly they do so. Last year, with Pennsylvania passing online gaming legislation, many felt that it would be the start of other states making the move to introduce legislation and get going in the industry. We must now wait and see if this legislation will move forward and which other states might begin to consider similar legislation. Hopefully, 2018 will end up being better than last year and even more states will enter the iGaming industry in the US.