Online Gaming in Delaware Ends on a High Note for 2016


DelawareDelaware may have the smallest online gambling market in the US, but the state managed to end 2016 on a high note with increased net revenues.

In the United States, there are only three states that offer online gambling activities; Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. Out of these three, Delaware has been the underdog. Delaware is the smallest state of the group and has had to fight hard to be able to see any profit from online gaming. The state was able to persevere in 2016 and ended the year with a huge improvement when compared to 2015.

2016 Totals

The gaming totals for the state of Delaware as far as online options are concerned for 2016 were quite impressive. For the year, the state was able to bring in just over $2.9 million in net revenue. This is a 62% improvement when looking at totals from the year 2015. The totals came out just a few days after Governor Jack Markell finished up the budget for 2018 and he was glad to hear about the industry and how well it was doing.

In Delaware, there are three racinos and all three offer online casino and poker gaming. Delaware Park Harrington Raceway and Dover Downs were able to see a combined total of net revenues for December in the amount of $229,987.10. This was an increase of 28% when compared to December of 2015, when the state earned juts $180,109.82 for the month.

A big portion of the revenues earned came from table gaming. Table games online brought in just over $82,200 which represented a huge increase for table gaming. For 2015, table games resulted in just under $19,000 for the month of December. Video lottery terminals and poker game play online were all consistent with the totals from the previous year.

For the state, it marked the third month in a row that an increase in net revenue was seen in regards to online gaming in the state. October saw a bit of a slump with only $179,997 earned. For the year, the state was able to earn a total of $2,906,885 which is much more than the $1,798,840 earned in 2015.

Casino Breakdown

The most successful provider of online casino gaming for the state goes to Delaware Park. The venue was able to see a total of $93,849.12 earned for the month of December with $43,769.42 provided by table, games, $33,381.73 provided by the video lottery and just over $16,000 from poker gaming.

Next up is Dover Downs who earned a total of $95,916.87 for the month. Video lottery gaming reigned supreme for this venue with just over $55,000 earned. Table games brought in $33,954.74 while poker produced $6,672.16 in net earnings.

Last place went to Harrington which is a racino in the state that seems to be lagging behind the rest but still producing. Harrington Raceway’s main source of income was video lottery gaming as well with just over $33,000 earned for the month. Table games brought in just over $4,400 while poker produced just over $2,500.

As far as new accounts are concerned, players are still signing up. The state saw 298 new gaming accounts created in December. This is just 5 less than the average for each month throughout 2016 which was 303.

For 2016, Delaware was successful in seeing an increase in revenues for most every month and ended the year on a high note. It will be interesting to see if the monthly totals continue to improve for the state and how well they will compare with the numbers produced last year.