Online Gambling Opponents to Attend Upcoming Sports Betting Hearing in Congress

Summary: Opponents of online gambling are scheduled to speak during an upcoming Congress hearing on sports betting.

This Thursday, a hearing is set to take place in Congress involving the subject of sports betting. Since the May ruling by the US Supreme Court allowing states to legalize and regulate the industry, lawmakers have since been discussing if some sort of federal oversight is needed. The hearing is set to discuss the current climate with the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations hosting the meeting.

This same group hosted a hearing for online gambling in the US, discussing the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, a thorn in the side of every online gambling proponent. With this new hearing on sports betting, there will be five speakers in attendance. Included on the list is Professor John Kindt, of the University of Illinois. Mr. Kindt attended the hearing in 2015 on RAWA and was part of the problem involving the discussions. He is anti-gambling and will be joined by Jon Bruning, a Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling counselor, also anti-gambling of course.

Both will be in attendance during the meeting and will be doing their best to see sports betting be nonproductive and potentially harmful. Thankfully, there will be real experts on hand as well who will be able to show the benefits of a regulated and legalized industry.

Also on the schedule are Sara Slane, the Senior VP of Public Affairs for the American Gaming Association, Jocelyn Moor, the Executive VP, Communications and Public Affairs for the NFL and Becky Harris, a Nevada Gaming Control Board Chair.

What is the Goal of the Hearing?

The hearing that will take place this week is not about trying to prohibit sports betting, so that’s a plus. It is also not focused on stopping any other type of gambling in the states, such as online gaming. The goal is to determine if the federal government needs to have a role in sports betting. Of course, Kindt and Bruning will try to prove otherwise, so the other three speakers will have to continue to prove why online gambling as well as sports betting should be allowed in the states.

It’s really a wonder why the two men are being allowed to speak during the hearing. Hopefully, they will continue to spew information that is considered invalid and they will not be asked back again during any future hearings or discussions on such matters.

Most experts feel that the result of this week’s meeting will be nothing and that it is virtually taking place to make people happy. In most cases, nothing will happen during the hearing and states will continue to have the option to create legislation involving sports betting and regulating the industry within their borders.

However, there is a chance that discussions might progress and the scope of a potential framework bill within the federal government may be considered. But, for the most part, it is anticipated that the hearing will take place and nothing will happen afterwards.

We will watch and see what takes place during the upcoming hearing and report any pertinent information. It will be amusing to see if Kindt or Bruning make fools of themselves by trying to bring up old arguments involving online gaming, trying to relate them to sports betting, though the opponent’s arguments basically do not hold up. Only time will tell what will happen after this week’s hearing comes to an end.