Online Gambling Comes Closer to Fruition in Massachusetts


MassachusettsOnline gambling legislation has moved forward in Massachusetts, with lawmakers continuing to review the industry.

In 2017, several states have decided to take a closer look at the online gambling industry and how their state can benefit. In the past, it was California and Pennsylvania that seemed to be the next in line to legalize and regulate online gambling, but Massachusetts may soon be taking the lead. The discussion involving online gambling continues in the state and more steps were recently taking in advancing legislation to see online casino and poker gaming a reality.

New Movement

The state has been considering online gaming for some time and discussions have been had in committees and between lawmakers as of late. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has continued their work on online gambling, currently exploring ways that the industry could come about in the state.

The state gambling regulator recently compiled a report and should be publishing their findings this week on the subject. It is believe the report will be covering several aspects including casino, poker and daily fantasy sports. The Commission on Online Gaming, Fantasy Sports Gaming and Daily Fantasy Sports should be providing information on what they have found in their study of the industry.

In November of last year, the members of the commission were put in charge of creating a regulatory framework for the daily fantasy sports industry. The group was tasked to collect information about legalizing online gaming in the state.

In Massachusetts, there is a big supporter that has the ability to influence others, hopefully able to see legislation come to pass. Stephen Crosby, the Chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, is part of the research commission and has continued to show his support for the industry. Crosby has tried several times to see online gaming approved in the state, as the activities would provide additional revenue for Massachusetts.

Casinos Interest

In other states that offer online gambling, the land based venues are involved. The casinos have partnered with online operators to launch online gambling sites and work together to provide a safe gaming environment. Casinos in Massachusetts may not be happy to see online gaming taking place in the state. It was only just a few years ago that the state decided to authorize three commercial casino resorts. These casinos were to be placed in a designated area of the state.

Two of these casinos have been built, the Wynn Boston Harbor and the MGM Springfield. Officials would like to see online gambling limited to the licensees of land based gaming. Regulators also feel that the industry would be a way for the younger crowd to become involved in gaming. The younger generation is not as interested in standard gaming like blackjack and roulette as they are with technology. Online gaming would provide a way for players to take part in gaming online, via mobile devices or laptop. This makes it more appealing to the younger generation of gamers.

For now, lawmakers are continuing their discussions of the online industry and how the state should get started. It will be interesting to see if lawmakers will be able to come to a decision as to how the state should enforce regulations and how many licenses should be offered.

Several states, including Pennsylvania, California, Hawaii, Iowa and many more are currently looking at online gambling in some form or another. This year seems to be the one when a new state will be entering the gaming industry, joining Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada in online gambling.