Oneida Casino Opens First Legal Sportsbook in Wisconsin Today

After three years of negotiation agreements, global pandemics, and supply chain issues the state of Wisconsin has finally joined the ranks of sports betting. Today, one of the Oneida Casinos in Green Bay, WI cut the ribbon on the state’s first legal sportsbook. 

The sportsbook was originally scheduled to open before the kickoff of the NFL regular season but had to be delayed due to issues obtaining equipment. Casino executives used the extra time to focus on training employees. Now, in partnership with International Game Technology (IGT), the sportsbook is ready to offer players a chance to win real money betting on sports. The sportsbook will run on IGT’s PlaySports platform.

Betting Limitations 

The launch of Wisconsin’s first sportsbook is great news for residents looking to join the fray of one of the fastest-growing industries. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions that Wisconsinites will have to contend with. For example, the current agreement between the state and local tribes does not allow for online casinos.

Cheeseheads will also be limited in where they are allowed to place their bets. The current agreement between tribal and state executives only allows players to place bets on land owned or leased by the tribes. This means that players will have to be at the Oneida Casino to place their bets, even if they are using the mobile app.


Another restriction for Wisconsin bettors to consider is that they will only be able to bet on a select number of events. For instance, professional sports teams like the Packers, Brewers, and the defending NBA Champion Bucks are all fair game. The same goes for other pop culture events such as the Oscars and the Olympics.

Unfortunately, there are restrictions preventing betting on events involving people under the age of 19, including college sports. Players will also not be able to place bets on the outcome of political events. 

Expanding Sports Betting 

Those inclined to look at the glass as half full will see the above limitations as areas to improve on in the coming months and years. Their optimism is not unwarranted. Officials have already discussed plans to expand the sportsbook to other casinos owned by the Oneida Nation. Also, neighboring states have had major success with their mobile sportsbooks, and Wisconsin officials may look to lift restrictions in order to compete. 

The potential expansion of sports betting to additional casinos would be a huge step for the industry. It would allow bettors easier access to the sportsbook and would let more people place bets. The Oneida Nation is one of eleven tribes that currently operate casinos within the state. All five of the casinos operated by the Oneida Nation are in or around the Green Bay area. 

Another option for tribe and state officials to consider is the possibility of expanding mobile betting. Currently, players would need to be at the Oneida Casino in order to place bets using the mobile app. However, surrounding states that allow mobile betting have seen profits shoot through the roof. 


Today marks a substantial victory for proponents of sports betting in Wisconsin. At a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning, the Oneida Nation officially launched the state’s first legal sportsbook. Now, players can earn real money betting on their favorite professional sports teams.

The current agreement between state and tribal officials places plenty of restrictions on the sportsbook. For instance, bets can only be placed onsite and no bets can be placed on college sports. However, the good news is that talks of expanding the sportsbook are already underway. Wisconsin has a lot of catching up to do compared to neighboring states, but officially opening the state’s first legal sportsbook is a step in the right direction.