Oklahoma Casinos Launch Jackpot Lockdown Wide-Arena Progressive Link

Everi HoldingsFour casinos in Oklahoma will now offer a new progressive jackpot game via Everi Holdings.

Progressive jackpot games are one of the most popular options for casino goers in the United States. Players love trying their hand at progressive slot games due to the ability to win extra cash. Progressives can be linked to games in the casino or games across the state, with the jackpot continuing to build at a rapid pace until a player hits the right payline. In Oklahoma, four casinos are now offering a new progressive jackpot option via a new launch by Everi Holdings.

Jackpot Lockdown

Everi Holdings have been working on a new progressive gaming option that was developed exclusively for Class II markets. The new option is titled Jackpot Lockdown Wide-Area Progressive and the link was created just for this specific market.

Jackpot Lockdown is the first ever product created by Everi Holdings that is WAP. The new option recently went live at four properties in Oklahoma and features two of the most popular game themes, High Voltage and Mega Meltdown. The new WAP link for Class II venues as well as themed games are expected to launch at more casinos in the state as well as other states in the near future, including Texas, Wisconsin, California and Arizona.

Players will find the base jackpot of Jackpot Lockdown is $100,000. The game combines High Voltage and Mega Meltdown games with a linked progressive platform. A unique math model is used to heighten engagement of the player as well as excitement during game play. Everi included their Foundation sign into the Jackpot Lockdown link which is a 65 inch sign package that includes LCD monitors. When a big win takes place, the monitors amplify the win in celebration of the player, which only adds to the excitement of the game.

Because Jackpot Lockdown is linked to both games and available at several properties already, with the $100,000 starting point, players can expect large jackpots with a big win. It will be interesting to see just how high the jackpot is able to reach before the first win takes place.

Significant Step for Everi Holdings

The launch of the WAP link is a significant step for the Everi Holdings company. Dean Ehrlich is the Executive Vice President and Games Business Leader for the company, who stated that the launch of the very first proprietary WAP link by Everi is a significant step to help the company further position the Games business as a premiere supplier of electronic gaming machines.

Ehrlich pointed out that the game design and engineering teams have been able to create an innovative WAP solution with an expected jackpot hit rate that will keep players interested in the hopes of earning a large win. With the launch of the new product for Class II operators, Everi is hoping to help them be able to address player demand with the larger jackpot opportunities.

On top of launching the new gaming experience, Everi is also focusing on a comprehensive marketing program. This program will include in-casino promotions along with large jackpot win celebrations and campaigns to promote awareness via social media. Ehrlich further stated that the launch of the new product helps Everi to fortify and continue to grow their commitment to Class II casino operators by way of support as well as further establishing a new product line that will assist with gaming operations growth. With the launch of additional Class II WAP games later in the year, the company will continue to provide licensed content that will help to further support the company’s growth initiatives.