Officials Plan to Reveal the Chicago Casino Location in Early 2022

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Getting construction started on the proposed casino in Chicago has been a long and difficult process. Much of the issue has been finding a suitable location for this property. Fortunately, city officials now claim that the Chicago casino location will be revealed early next year.

This is great news for gambling enthusiasts in the state. It’s also exciting for Chicago’s officials who have been pushing hard to move these plans forward for years.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

The Chicago Casino Location Will be Revealed in 2022

Illinois is well-known for having the largest gambling industry in the Midwest. A huge number of casinos are spread throughout the state. A large and successful sports betting industry is also set in place here that helps to bring in a huge amount of revenue each month.

Back in 2019, lawmakers approved a Capital Plan that will significantly expand the state’s gambling industry. Most notably, it allows for a new casino to open in Chicago. Getting plans approved to open this property has taken much longer than most expected, though.

Reports surfaced this week claiming the Chicago casino location will be revealed in early 2022. Finding a suitable location has been one of the biggest struggles for those involved in the project. City Chief Financial Officer Jennie Huang Bennett spoke to the media about this process yesterday.

“We’re evaluating all of the proposals,” Huang Bennett said. “All of the proposals that have been provided that we’ve shared some information on qualified proposals. They’re all being treated equally.”

Several possible locations, including McCormick Place Truck Marshaling Yard, are being considered. We’ll be sure to offer updates as soon as the official location is revealed to the public.

Illinois’ Gambling Industry is Starting to Face More Competition

The Midwest has never really been considered much of a US gambling hub. It seems that is starting to change, though. Many of the states in this region of the country have recently begun working to expand their gaming industries.

That includes Illinois. A huge number of casinos and sports betting platforms are currently up and running here. Many will be excited to hear about the Chicago casino location in the first quarter of next year.

Minnesota is another state to recently expand its gambling industry. Many casinos are currently operational here and lawmakers here are now working to legalize sports betting. Several bills have been presented and it seems likely that one will be approved in 2022.

Ohio is also pushing hard to grow its gambling industry. Many Native American-run casinos are already spread around the state. Lawmakers here have also been proposing extensive bills to legalize and regulate sports gambling.

There is no doubt that Illinois is home to the largest gaming industry in the region. It continues to face more competition as the months go on. It will be interesting to see how things evolve here in 2022.

How are the Casinos in Las Vegas Faring Right Now?

States around the country have been rapidly expanding their regulated gambling industries in recent months. There is no doubt that Las Vegas remains the biggest and most profitable gambling hub in the country. It’s here that the most expensive casinos ever built are located.

2021 has proven to be a record-breaking year for Las Vegas. This city has reported consistent revenue surges over the course of the year. The casino companies here have been involved in several major deals as a result of the revenue surges.

MGM Resorts International made headlines earlier this year by purchasing The Cosmopolitan. It will likely help this company generate considerably more revenue in 2022. MGM CEO Bill Hornbuckle is now supporting the legalization of online casino gambling in Nevada, too.

Las Vegas Sands famously sold The Venetian earlier this year. This was done in an attempt to focus more on operations in Macau. This has not proved to be the best decision, as Macau continues to experience low revenue figures due to intense travel restrictions set in place by Mainland China.

All signs point to Las Vegas having another wildly successful year in 2022.

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