Officials Discuss the Pros and Cons of an Atlantic City Casino Smoking Ban

Job Losses Smoking Ban Atlantic City Casinos

For many years, officials within Atlantic City have been pushing hard to finally prohibit smoking inside casinos. Several groups have pushed against this idea, claiming it will hurt the city in the long run. Analysts are now debating the pros and cons of an Atlantic City casino smoking ban.

A lot has been going on with the gambling industry in New Jersey lately. Now is the perfect time to discuss why many are pushing against the smoking ban in Atlantic City.

Let’s get into it!

Experts Continue to Discuss an Atlantic City Casino Smoking Ban

Atlantic City has been the most profitable casino hub on the East Coast for decades. It has seen its ups and downs in recent years, particularly throughout 2020 when many of the city’s casinos are forced to shut down. Things turned around in 2021 and the casinos here thrived.

With health regulations being looked at closer than ever, many have begun to push for an outright ban on smoking inside the city’s casinos. More officials believe this is necessary to protect workers inside these casinos. Not everyone feels this measure should be set in place, though.

Gambling research firm Spectrum Gaming Group has released a new report that details the effect of an Atlantic City casino smoking ban. This report supports the words of casino executives that claim this ban will hurt their businesses. Some were surprised to find that a smoking ban like this one would result in 2,500 lost jobs in the city.

Nicole Vitola, a dealer inside Borgata, claims a smoking ban is still necessary for the health of workers in the city.

“[Workers] cannot continue to choose between our health and a paycheck,” Vitola said. “This study, paid for by the casino industry, shows once again that they care more about outdated business practices than they do about the lives and health of their workers. Casinos’ blatant disregard for our well-being is disgraceful, especially after they just received tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks from the state.”

It’s a complicated issue, yet casino companies in Atlantic City will continue to push against any smoking ban in the city. Stay tuned for more information on a smoking ban here over the next couple of months.

New Jersey’s Sportsbooks Face New Competition

The casino industry in New Jersey has been around for decades. The sports betting industry here has only been up and running since 2018. It quickly turned into one of the most successful sports gambling industries in the United States.

New Jersey’s sportsbooks thrived throughout 2021. The sports gambling operators in this state broke several monthly revenue reports last year. Recently, these companies have started to face an increase in competition from neighboring states.

This is primarily coming from New York. Officials in New York gave permission for online sportsbooks to go live in the state in early January. In just the first couple weeks of operating, these sportsbooks reported a handle of more than $1.62 billion.

There is no doubt that these online sportsbooks are taking away from the revenue earned at the online sportsbooks in New Jersey. The sportsbooks in nearby Maryland and Pennsylvania are seeing very impressive revenue figures, too. 2022 is expected to be the year that several more states choose to legalize sports gambling.

The casinos in Atlantic City are still the most successful ones in this region. It will be interesting to see if an Atlantic City casino smoking ban has an impact on the entire gaming industry in the city. We’ll be sure to provide updates as the year continues.

US Casinos Report Slight Revenue Drops in January

The US casino industry found tremendous success in 2021. It was a welcome development when considering how difficult things were for these casinos in 2020. Analysts are now trying to debate how the country’s casino industry will fair in 2022.

January is not proving to be a very successful month for the casino industry. Several states reported revenue declines over the month. Some started to see larger revenue declines than other states.

The gambling industry in Illinois reported fairly large revenue declines over the month. The Illinois Gambling Revenue Board reported just $78 million in January. That represents a 25.1% decrease compared to January of last year.

Casino revenue in Massachusetts dropped in January, too. The casinos in this state reported just $82,403,366 in total gross gaming revenue. That is a fairly large 13.9% revenue decline when compared to December of 2021.

Officials are looking more at a possible Atlantic City casino smoking ban. Do you think this measure will eventually be approved? Let us know in the comments section below!