Officials Continue to Narrow Down a Location for the Chicago Casino

Chicago Casino Gambling Background

Lawmakers in Illinois have been working to expand the state’s gambling industry for years. Much of the focus has been on getting a gambling venue in the city of Chicago. It’s been a long, arduous process, yet new reports claim that officials are beginning to narrow down a location for the Chicago casino.

This is exciting news for those in the Chicago area. Not everyone is convinced that a casino will actually open its doors here, though. Now is a great time to talk about when and where this new property could open its doors.

Let’s get into it!

A Location the Chicago Casino Will Be Decided Soon

Illinois is known for having one of the largest casino industries in the Midwest. In 2019, lawmakers here approved a new Capital Plan to significantly expand their state’s gaming options. Under this new plan, several new casinos gained permission to open here. That includes a brand new Class III casino in Chicago.

This would be the first casino to open its doors in the Windy City. Officials are now working to narrow down two locations for this venue. It seems that suburbs in the city’s Southern suburbs are the top options right now.

One location near the border of Homewood and East Hazel Crest is being considered. Another by Matteson is also in the running. City officials, including mayor Lori Lightfoot, are now working with city groups to ensure these locations will bring about the most revenue and tourism possible. Wind Creek Hospitality CEO Jay Dorris expressed his excitement about the progress being made to the media this week.

“This development promises to be the best in and for the entire Southland region – with job creation, economic and community investment, sustained operational excellence, and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in all phases of construction and operation,” Dorris said. 

If all goes according to plan, the location for the Chicago casino will be announced before the end of 2021. It will then take some time for construction on this property to complete. Stay tuned for updates!

Illinois’ Sports Betting Industry Continues to Impress

Illinois isn’t just known for its popular casinos. Back in 2020, the first regulated sportsbooks went live here. In this relatively short period of time, Illinois has developed one of the most lucrative sports betting industries in the United States.

The sports betting operators here continue to impress. Revenue figures throughout 2021 have been wildly impressive and are showing no signs of slowing down. More than $400 million was wagered on sports here over the month of August.

Many are now expecting September to be the most successful month in history for this industry. This month marked the start of the 2021/2022 NFL season. NFL betting revenue has been surging around the US and Illinois will likely report huge tax revenue earnings thanks to the start of the season.

Only New Jersey and Nevada have more successful sports betting industries than Illinois. Some feel this state has the potential to take the top spot in the future. It will be interesting to see how popular sports gambling becomes over 2022 in other areas of the country.

Most US casino hubs are faring well right now. Let’s take a look at some of the other states to recently report large increases in casino revenue.

More States Report Casino Revenue Increases Over September

September tends to be a successful month for the US casino industry. This past September proved that theory to be correct once again. Most states around the country reported significant increases in their casino revenue figures this month.

That was certainly the case in Louisiana. The casinos here reported a nearly 16% jump when compared to the month of August. The Belle of Baton Rouge proved to be the most successful gambling venue in the state and experienced an impressive 38% month-on-month revenue increase.

Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest casino industries in the United States. Over September, total gaming revenue in the state came out to $415.6 million. Rivers Casino saw the largest revenue increase at 43.6% when compared to September of 2020.

Oklahoma and New Jersey also saw impressive jumps in their monthly revenue figures. It’s great news for all of the casino companies in these states. We’ll continue offering updates on the growing US casino industry as the months go on.

Are you excited to finally hear the location for the Chicago casino? Where do you expect this property to open? Let us know in the comments section below.