Official Reveals Details of Two Kings Casino Pre-Launch Expansion and Phase 1 Construction

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New Details emerged from the Catawba Two Kings Casino project in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Cleveland County official Jason Falls revealed the details of the plan to expand the casino’s pre-launch facility. Falls also showed the plans for Phase 1 of the full casino construction which is set to commence at the start of next year.

Pushing to Finish Pre-Launch Facility Expansion by Thanksgiving

According to a presentation by the Business Development Office of Cleveland County, the Catawba Nation is pushing to finish the expansion of their pre-launch facility by Thanksgiving. Currently, plans state that the addition of 500 slot machines and expansion of the existing gambling floor of the pre-launch facility will be completed by December 15th.

The pre-launch facility opened last July 1st and is unofficially generating 2,500 daily visitors which would give it an estimated 900,000 visitors per year. It is expected to operate until the full casino is complete. Construction of the permanent casino is expected to begin shortly after the expansion of the pre-launch area is complete.

Phase 1 to Begin on January 2022

The plans submitted by the Catawba Tribe reveal that the Phase 1 of the construction of the Catawba Two Kings Casino will begin on January 4, 2022 and it will cover the construction of a two-floor building. Initially, the Cleveland County allowed only a 60,000 square foot building as the introductory Phase 1. However the new plans reveal a several hundred thousand square feet .

Gaming floor in Phase 1 is listed at 95,575 square feet. The facility would include four restaurants with a total area of 37,000 square feet. At the corner of the site will rise a 29-floor tower that will be the center piece of the first phase of the full Catawba Two Kings Casino facility. Per Federal documents, the three-phase project will have a total cost of $273M.