Ocean Downs Casino Hopes For Table Games Soon

Ocean Downs Casino

Ocean Downs CasinoTable games will hopefully be added to the Casino at Ocean Downs by the end of the year after officials report update on the process.

Casinos across the United States are constantly updating their offerings in order to appease customers. The goal is to see players come back year after year, creating a steady flow of traffic and revenues. Casinos can make updates by adding in new dining options, entertainment as well as providing new games for players on the casino game floor. In Maryland, the Casino at Ocean Downs is hoping to be able to provide their guests with more gaming options, this time with table games, by the end of the year.

Back Story

The Casino at Ocean Downs opened in September of 2011 and was one of the first original gaming locations allowed by the state. Since that time, the casino has provided video gaming options with traditional slot machines and video-table style games. Players could enjoy roulette or blackjack gaming, just not in traditional format with a dealer in place. All games are played electronically.

The casino has been trying to add traditional table games to the venue for some time now and the process has been ongoing. Other casinos in the state offer table games while the Ocean Downs venue remained the only one left out from offering traditional blackjack and roulette gaming.

The Ocean Downs venue is currently working to expand their game floor with 35,0000 square feet of additional space. When the plan is completed, the new expansion will hopefully be open by the end of the year and traditional table games will be functioning by New Year’s Eve.

Bobbi Sample is the General Manager of the casino, who stated that the construction process of the expansion has been moving forward. The goal is to open the expansion once construction is complete and offer table games to patrons by the end of the year.

Hiring Dealers for New Games

When a casino expands and creates additional gaming space, new employees are needed. With table games, the Casino at Ocean Downs will be in need of dealers to able to conduct the games. With the electronic table games, players would play on a machine and no dealer was present. With traditional games, the casino will now need a host of dealers available to work a variety of shifts in order to meet customer demand.

The casino recently held a job fair for table games dealers at the Wor-Wic Community College, accepting applications for positions at their Berlin facility. The casino is working with the Community college with the hiring process via a project being funded by the EARN Maryland grant program. In partnership with the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, the casino will be working with the Community College and the state to connect potential employees to dealer jobs for the expansion of the venue.

According to Sample, the job fair was used to recruit students for the new dealer school. The partnership with the state allows the dealer school to offer the classes for free so students can learn how to be a dealer. After completing a class in blackjack, the student can then audition to be a dealer at the venue. Once this session is complete, students can further their education and learn how to deal additional games, which will expand job opportunities within the casino.

It will be interesting to see how popular the new games are at the casino once available and if the Ocean Downs might increase their revenue ranking among state casinos with the new additions.