The Ocean Casino Sportsbook is Set for a Major Upgrade

Ocean Casino Resort Under Renovation Silver Background

One of the most popular casinos in Atlantic City is working hard to bring as many visitors as possible. This week, news broke that the Ocean Casino sportsbook is ready to reveal a $5 million upgrade. It’s exciting news for sports fans in the Northeastern US.

Ocean Casino has been going through some major changes over the last few years. Now is a great time to talk about what this property has planned over the next few months.

Let’s get into it!

Officials Reveal $5 Million Upgrade of Ocean Casino Sportsbook

A lot has been going on in Atlantic City over the last few years. The casinos in this city experienced major revenue surges throughout 2021. Executives within these gambling properties are now doing their best to attract tourists and gamblers over the next ten months.

Ocean Casino has seen fluctuating revenue figures over the last few years. This property managed to thrive in 2021 and is bracing for tourism surges heading into the spring months. It now seems focused on improving its hugely popular sports betting area, too.

Casino executives have just revealed a massive $5 million upgrade to the Ocean Casino sportsbook. The Gallery Bar, Book & Games will be opening soon, offering patrons a bar, table games, and a sportsbook. This comes as part of the casino’s larger $25 million renovation project that began last year. Ocean Casino General Manager Bill Callahan spoke to the media about these plans over the weekend.

“Ocean is dedicated to being the premier gaming destination in the Atlantic City market,” Callahan said. “This new venue will enhance the guest experience by providing an unbeatable atmosphere right in the heart of the casino floor.”

This is just one of many exciting casino projects taking place in Atlantic City right now. More are now pushing for smoking to be prohibited inside the city’s casinos. Could this happen in 2022?

Experts Predict a Smoking Ban is Coming to Atlantic City’s Casinos

Atlantic City, like almost all other casino hubs, allows smoking inside of its casinos. This subject has been looked at closer than ever since the pandemic began in 2020. Many groups, including workers inside the casinos, have been urging city officials to finally implement an outright ban on smoking inside casinos.

Many point to the major health risks that smoking poses to casino workers. Various anti-smoking groups believe that it’s long overdue to prevent smoking indoors inside casinos. Not everyone feels this will be beneficial to the city, though.

Certain lawmakers believe that prohibiting smoking will end up leading to decreases in tourism. This has been the case with certain casinos in Las Vegas. Upon banning smoking, these casinos almost immediately saw their tourism and gaming revenue figures drop.

Still, more experts are predicting that a smoking ban will eventually make its way to Atlantic City’s casinos. With public health being made a priority now than ever before, it seems inevitable. Casino lobbyists will do their best to prevent this from happening, yet it would not be a surprise to see this ban implemented before the end of the year.

Casinos are doing their best to adapt and improve. The Ocean Casino sportsbook upgrade is just one of many announced over the past two years. We’ll continue offering updates on how the casinos in Atlantic City are faring as the year continues.

New York Continues Pushing for New Casinos

New Jersey is without a doubt the most successful casino hub on the United States’ East Coast. These gambling venues help to bring a huge amount of revenue to the state every month. There is some concern amongst city officials that New York is working to compete with the gaming industry in Atlantic City.

New York has been rapidly expanding its gambling industry over the last few years. Sports betting has been legal here since 2019. The launch of online sportsbooks here in January was massively successful, turning New York into the new sports betting capital of the United States.

A growing number of business owners in New York want to see a casino open in New York City soon, too. This has been prohibited for decades. New York is hungry for tax revenue now and allowing a Class III casino in NYC would almost certainly help to increase tourism and revenue.

More casinos in New York City would be less tourism into Atlantic City. This is not going unnoticed by Atlantic City’s leaders. We’ll continue reporting on the growing competition between New York and New Jersey as the year goes on.

Are you excited to hear about the Ocean Casino sportsbook upgrade? Do you plan on visiting this property in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below.