New York Shows Promise for Online Gaming

Clyde Vanel

New York has the potential to see online gaming come to life as legislation co-sponsors are about to increase.

New York is one state that has considered online gaming for some time but have yet to legalize any legislation on the subject. Time and time again, lawmakers have discussed and even submitted proposals for online poker, only to see bills fail to move forward.  Despite the setbacks, it seems that online poker may soon push forward in New York as new co-sponsors are about to be revealed.

Increase in Co-Sponsors

Clyde VanelAccording to Online Poker Report, New York Assemblyman Clyde Vanel says that more co-sponsors are coming to help push for the legalization and regulation of online poker in the state. The Assemblyman is the chairman of the Subcommittee on Internet and New Technology who stated that A 5250 is expected to see more co-sponsors added. Right now, the bill has 13 co-sponsors and Vanel says that the bill will soon have 60 to 70 co-sponsors.

The bill was created by Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, who submitted the proposal to see online poker legalized in the state. Vanel pointed out that Pretlow is a champion for online poker and now he has the partners to see the bill move forward. According to the Assemblyman, the bill should see traction over the next few weeks and with enough co-sponsors, it should be able to move out of the committee and onto the full floor.

Vanel has been a strong supporter of online poker gaming for the state. The Assemblyman tried to see online poker added to the budget of the state and pushed to have over 60 democrats in the assembly sign a letter to support the budget inclusion. However, the option was not included in the final budget plans.

Despite the budget plan falling through, Vanel remains optimistic. He stated that now he sees that there is more support for the option than previously thought which will hopefully help the bill move forward. In order for the bill to reach the Assembly floor, Pretlow does not have to see the bill pass through his committee again but does need to move the bill through the Codes, Ways and Means and Rules committee.

Opponents Remain

While there is much support being gained for online poker in New York, opponents still remain. According to Vanel, those who are against online poker gaming are basically not fans of online gaming as a whole. To those lawmakers, Vanel points out that the state already offers casino gaming, racinos and a lottery plus allows horse wagering online and lottery ticket sales online. It makes perfect sense to add online poker into the mix as well based on what is already on offer.

The argument has been made, as it has in other states, about players having access to gaming at home and how it can create a gambling problem. Vanel says that if the activity is regulated, then the state has better control of good actors in the state and can address bad actors. Without regulation, the state is unable to stop players from taking part online via sites that are unregulated. This places players at risk.

Overall, players are going to take part in online gaming and by licensing and regulating the option, New York can provide better safety and security for their residents.

We will watch and see how the state handles the online poker bill and if the measure will be able to move forward, gain enough support and eventually be passed into law.