New York iGaming Bill Gains Support

New York

New YorkLegislators continues to throw their support behind an online gaming measure in New York.

Online gaming continues to be a hot topic of conversation across the United States. Several states are currently looking into to expanding into the online industry in some form or fashion, such as the lottery, daily fantasy sports, casino or poker. In New York, legislation is really gaining ground pertaining to online poker. The New York Assembly members continue to join in support of A 5250, which could see the state finally pass a form of online gaming into law.

More Support

A 5250 began with just a few supporters, now having moved from 13 behind the measure to 44. Assemblyman Clyde Vanel remains optimistic that the bill will come to pass while Assemblyman Gary Pretlow is not so sure. Pretlow feels that the efforts are growing but not at a fast-enough pace. Pretlow is in charge of the Assembly Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee who stated recently that the bill will get to 60 supporters, but he would like to 76 behind the measure.

If that number can be reached, it would mean that the bill has enough democrats in favor and should be able to pass. The recent support is good, but Pretlow says it does not provide him with more optimism that online gaming will come to pass in the state. The assemblyman does feel that his state will eventually offer such gaming but would rather have it happen sooner instead of later.

Not in Favor

For online gaming to become a reality in New York, it must be supported by most every lawmaker in the state. As we have seen before, it only takes one naysayer to stop a bill from moving forward. In this case, it is Speaker Carl Heastie that is not on board. Heastie is a hard nut to crack and Pretlow has had difficult getting his fellow lawmaker to join in providing support for the measure.

According to Pretlow, Heastie is not in favor of gambling and there are others not supportive as well. The Assemblyman has tried to explain that this is an expansion of what is already being offered in the state, but that point is hard to sell when the lawmakers minds are already closed to the idea.

There are currently 150 lawmakers in the Assembly. If 76 were on board, it might provide enough pressure for the bill to move forward. Heastie would see that members want the measure to pass and with pressure from his constituents, it might just be what is needed to see the bill move on to the next stage of consideration.

Talk has also emerged of combining online gambling and sports betting. Pretlow has stated that he is considering combined legislation for next month. The assemblyman may decide to create a bill to push for both sports betting and online poker gaming by May.

Sports betting has taken center stage in the US as the Supreme Court is set to rule on case involving the industry. Currently, sports betting is extremely limited in the US due to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. With the Christie vs NCAA case, if SCOTUS rules in favor of New Jersey, the PASPA will be deemed unconstitutional and would open up states in the US to offer sports betting.

States that already have legislation in place would be ready to go. This is why Pretlow would be considering sports betting with a new bill next month and adding online gaming might be the push needed to get the ball rolling.