NY Continues to Neglect Passing Online Gambling Legislation

New York

New YorkFor the second year running, the state of New York has failed to pass legislation in regards to online gaming.

For two years now, the state of New York has failed to pass legislation that would see online gambling come to fruition. The latest bill has died in the state Assembly for two years running and seemingly places New York at the bottom of a list of states looking to offer iGaming to residents.

It’s Over for 2017

The state legislature of New York finished up their final day of the current legislative sessions yesterday and the Assembly did not decide to take action on the online poker bill that was approved by the state Senate last week. On top of this bill not moving forward, other issues important to the state went unanswered. Lawmakers have suggested that they might come back for a short time during the summer to look at such issues which include the control of the mayor over schools in New York City.

The inaction of the Assembly seems to have placed S-3898, a poker bill by Senator John Bonacic, adrift with no movement taking place and at least another year for the state to consider legalizing online gaming. It seems that it was inevitable that the state would not move forward with online gaming after comments were made by Assemblyman Gary Pretlow earlier in the week to the New York Daily News. In the article, Pretlow stated again that there was some opposition to the bill that was coming up for vote in the Assembly.

In the past, Pretlow has been vocal about the opposition to such gaming in the state having not even considered a bill a few years ago due to there not being enough support to see the measure move forward. However, this year, Pretlow seemed to be on board and showed support for Bonacic’s bill. However, it takes more than one person and there was simply not enough people in the Assembly who were in favor of the measure to see the bill move forward in some form or fashion.

Better Luck Next Year

All year, Pretlow has been going from hot and cold, in regards to the Assembly and their thoughts on the online gaming legislation. In the beginning, the Assemblyman stated that there should be less resistance in 2017 but then stated that opponents of the online poker game were as strong as ever. It seems that both sides will continue to lobby throughout the year and into the next in order to see their side succeed.

Since New York is no longer a contender to pass online gambling legislation, it leaves Illinois and Pennsylvania as the only two states with a solid chance of passing legislation. Legislators of Pennsylvania are currently fighting in-house as to how a gambling expansion should be handled in the state. There are two plans on the table and both sides do not seem to be willing to compromise in order to see online gambling come to fruition in the state. Legislators have until June 30th to create a new budget so we should see in the coming days what exactly will take place.

As far as Illinois is concerned, the state Senate recently approved daily fantasy sports and online gambling with a meeting set for this weekend within the House Executive Committee where the bill will be discussed. Also on the table is a standalone bill involving daily fantasy sports. A special session started yesterday in the state that could last almost two weeks, so we may see the state move forward quicker than we think.