Northwest Indiana Casinos Do Well in September

Northwest Indiana

Northwest IndianaCasinos in Northwest Indiana enjoy best September earnings since 2013.

Casinos across the United States strive to do well each month when it comes to revenue earnings. Like any business, some months will be great and others will see a loss in profits. The goal is to learn from the lower months and try to work at increasing profits once again. In the state of Indiana, the casinos located in the northwest region have done quite well as of late, having actually enjoyed the best September since 2013. The gaming venues earned just over $77 million for the month which is a solid increase from the same month last year.

On Solid Ground

For September, the casinos in northwest Indiana were able to earn $77.4 million which is a 4.3% increase from September of last year. It was yesterday that the Indiana Gaming Commission released the September totals showing that table games and slot machines contributed to the overall win. As far as table games were concerned, games were up 4.3% with $15.9 million earned. A total of $80.7 million was played. For slot games, the casinos earned $60.4 million with $637.5 million played.

The largest casino of the state, the Horseshoe in Hammond, was able to see strong gains in September of 7.2%. The month produced $33.9 million in revenues. The general manager and senior vice president of the casino, Dan Nita, stated that the month of September marked five months in a row that the casino has seen growth.

Both the Blue Chip and Ameristar saw increases as well with Michigan City’s Blue Chip up to $13.7 million for the month, an increase of more than 2%. Ameristar in East Chicago earned just over $17 million which is a 3.5% increase.

The two casinos in Gary operated by the Majestic Star were down in revenues but less than a half percent with a total win of $12.6 million. For the past few months, all casinos in the northwest region have seen a dip in slot gaming revenue. For September, slots were up all around which all operators were happy to see.

Additional Totals

As far as customer numbers are concerned, the casinos continued to see good traffic. Totals for September came in at 789,526 which is a less than 1% decrease. When looking at the year to date, casinos in Northwest Indiana have earned $713.6 million. This is less than what was earned during the same time frame last year but only by about 1.2%. The year started off slow but over the past few months, revenues have increased. There is still time for the casinos to close the deficit and earn more total in 2017 than last year.

In total, Indiana has 13 gambling establishments on offer. Looking at totals in September for all venues, the state saw an overall win for September of 6.2%. $188.5 million was earned for the month from all casinos of the state. Admissions were down slightly at just over the 1.3 million mark.

The bigger casinos in the Northwest Indiana region continue to do well and the increase in slot gaming revenues is promising. It will be interesting to see as October, November and December play out, if the operators will continue to see an increase in slot game play along with table games. There could be a boost in game play each month or even decreases which will dictate just how well the casinos will finish out the year.