Nevada Ready To Approve eSports Wagering on Several Events

NevadaThe state of Nevada is ready to approve eSports wagering options for several events taking place in the near future.

eSports games are starting to become very popular across the United States, especially in Nevada. The state of Nevada has seen this popularity and is trying to take advantage of it. Sports betting operators located in the state will soon be able to offer wagering options on eSports games. The Enforcement Division of Nevada Gaming Control Board member Karl Bennison first revealed the news this week during the Casino eSports Conference.

eSports Betting Coming Soon

The Casino eSports Conference was hosted by the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino this past week and Bennison was part of the legal panel debates of the event. It was during these debates that eSports wagering was discussed and Bennison revealed that sports books will soon be offering this type of wagering.

Until now, sports books have only been able to offer wagering on single events. The Gaming Control Board decided that sports betting operators could fill out an application to be approved to accept wagers on sports events. Currently, eSports betting only allowed players to wager on three events. Now, operators will be able to offer even more. Such gambling options involving eSports have only been available for a short time as regulators first green-lighted the activity in 2016.

Same Company, Multiple-Events Betting

Permission by the Gaming Board will only be provided for eSports when the games are organized by the same company. This will allow for eSports betting to expand in Nevada and could be seen as a sign that the local regulators are becoming more comfortable with the new section offered in the gambling industry.

It is still unknown as to when the new betting regulation will go into effect, as stated by Bennison. As the Chief of Enforcement, Bennison stated that a formal announcement will be made as the changes are enforced.

Bennison stated further that eSports operators will only be approved if the Gaming Control Board feels comfortable with allowing the company to offer multiple-events wagers. This authorization will be convenient as operators will not have to apply to have permission for each separate event they host.

eSports Betting Since 2016

Nevada first became open to eSports in late 2016 when the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee decided to give approval. The committee is responsible for the gaming related issues that can arise and can make recommendations to the two other authorities in the state, the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Gaming Control Board.

Currently, Nevada is the only state in the US that can allow traditional sports betting. Delaware has the ability to do so but they are limited to only parlays. eSports betting in Nevada is subject to the 22.120 gaming regulation which involves all wagers made on events that are seen as outside the realm of athletic events, horseracing and greyhound racing.

eSports is placed in the category of other events. After the regulation was created, operators who wanted to host bets for anything that falls under the category of ‘other event’ had to be given permission by regulators in advance.

According to Bennison the idea to allow wagering on multiple eSports games first came to fruition when meetings were held to define the line between traditional gambling and eSports. Bennison actually made the proposal and the Board was ‘on board’ and ready to provide this option for operators.

Overall, Nevada is basically paving the way for eSports betting, creating regulations that other states can look to if they decide to begin offering similar wager as well.