Nevada Gaming Win and Visitor Numbers Increase for September

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The Nevada Gaming Control Board reports casino gaming win and visitor numbers to Las Vegas are up in September.

Every big city across the United States wants to see an increase in tourism. An increase in visitors means and increase in revenues for the city and state. In Las Vegas, the city relies on tourism to bring in revenues, particularly gaming visitors. Individuals travel from around the world to be able to take part in the casino gaming provided by Sin City and for September the numbers are definitely up. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has released the reports for September, showing almost $949 million was won for the month, just shy of the $1 billion mark. This is the third time in four months that the state has seen an increase statewide in regards to gambling wins.

Gambling Wins are Up

Nevada Online GamblingAs far as casino winnings in the state of Nevada, there was an increase of 3.6% for the month of September. The Las Vegas Strip saw a very healthy gain for the month which helped to increase the overall totals. For the month, the Strip was actually able to earn 7.5% more than 2015, bringing in a total of $543 million. The downtown area of Las Vegas was up as well with 3.7% more earnings than last year at $49 million. Reno was also up, earning 1.7% more, with $54 million in September earnings. South Lake Tahoe gaming venues were up just a bit more with $22 million in earnings, an increase of 2.3%.

Table games earned the state $363 million which was an increase of 5.5%. Baccarat was actually down almost 8% but still brought in $93 million. Slot gaming was up slightly, with a 2.4% increase with earnings for September of $13.5 million. Almost $9 billion was spent on slot machines in Las Vegas for September.

Sports books were also up in the state as far as earning are concerned. Betting volumes were down bur as much as $41 million was produced in September, which is just over 15% in gains. This was the fourth most lucrative month for the state in its gambling history.

Visitor Volume

In September, the volume of visitors for Las Vegas continued to increase. Convention business is a main driver that could actually help the city reach record levels of visitor numbers for the year, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. The daily room rate for hotel stays was at just over $137 for the month which is an increase of almost 9% when compared to September of last year.

The visitor volume for September came in at 3.7 million which is the fourth best month for 2016. Convention attendance was up over 16% from the same time frame last year and the city was able to benefit from an extra weekend day this September when compared to last year.

The visitor volume for 2016 is actually on a record pace and after nine months has hit 32.5 million individuals. This is almost 2% more than last year’s total which was also record-setting. The number of visitors to Las Vegas most certainly helped the gaming win totals which were up for the month. Whether visitors were in the city for gaming or a convention/event, it seems the gaming floors of casinos were visited heavily and players were spending cash.

For now, the numbers are quite high for both visitor volume and gaming win. It will be interesting to see how the year finishes out and if the state is able to continue this streak of positive results, resulting in a record setting year.