Nevada Gaming Regulators Considering Wagering Accounts for Gambling

A G Burnett

Gaming regulators in Nevada are contemplating offering wagering accounts for more than just sports betting and particular online games.

Wagering accounts are an option for gamblers in the state of Nevada who enjoy sport betting and particular online games. State regulators are now considering offering such account options in more areas such as slots wagering, bingo and video poker. It has been reported that regulators are going to meet up and discuss how betting accounts could be used in other ways to the benefit of players.

New Changes on the Horizon

A G BurnettThe Las Vegas Sun was the first to report the consideration, having spoken to the Chairman of the Gaming Control Board, A.G. Burnett. Burnett told the Las Vegas Sun that currently, the state only offers separate account-wagering regulations for every type of gaming, which would include such categories as races and sports, mobile gaming, interactive and slots. Each category may have different requirements. The goal is to see changes made to regulations that bring all of the categories together so the same requirements will be set up for each with only minor variances in place.

A special workshop is set for today where the board will discuss such matters. According to Burnett, the board has received a proposal to see the change made in regards to the regulations from those involved in the gaming industry. If the change are able to move forward, the new regulations will be based on changes to Nevada gaming law made last year.

Burnett further stated that what the board is doing is making things easier for the patron. Society is moving from being cash-based to electronic payment based so the board must changes to regulations to reflect these new times. In particular, the board will need to change the definition of what a wagering voucher is to include the term digital payments. According to Burnett, the board is trying to move to an all-digital representation of what a wagering voucher is.

A Beneficial Change

By allowing betting accounts for casino gaming, casinos in the state would benefit. The state is already doing well, having seen a double-digit increase in revenue earnings for the month of October. On Tuesday, the state released the figures earned for October which showed $887.5 million in earnings. The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s report showed that the state earned more in October in 2016 than 2015 by 11.2%.

With players being able to have accounts connected to casino gaming, wagering will be much easier. Players will benefit as well as casinos as the accounts are created and players take advantage of connected accounts.

We shall see after today what comes of the meeting within the board and how the changes may take place. It will be interesting to see if the state is able to see the changes take place. Recent reports involving online gambling show contention between major officials of the state when it comes to gaming. Attorney General Adam Laxalt has shown support for an overall gambling ban when it comes to online casino and poker game play which is in complete disagreement with what Nevada currently offers.

This begs the question as to if Laxalt will have an issue with these changes that may be on the table. The Governor Brian Sandoval as well as A.G. Burnett have both spoken out against Laxalt and his decision to support an anti-online gambling ban on a federal level when the state already offers such service options. Will Laxalt be on the wrong side when it comes to this change or will he be on the same side as long as the changes do not involve online gambling?