The Northern Las Vegas Strip is Seeing an Increase in Tourism

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Las Vegas is home to the world’s biggest and most impressive gambling venues. The majority of these world-class casinos are located on the Las Vegas Strip. New reports are beginning to indicate the Northern Las Vegas Strip is starting to see a major uptick in tourism.

2022 is expected to be a massive year for this city. Now is a great time to talk about which venues in the Northern Strip area might benefit from an increase in tourists.

Let’s get into it!

Tourism is Increasing at the Northern Las Vegas Strip

Historically speaking, the southern and mid-areas of the Las Vegas Strip have drawn in the most tourists. It’s in this area where beloved casinos such as Planet Hollywood, Mandalay Bay, and Caesar’s Palace are located. Tourism and revenue in these areas have remained very high over the last couple of decades.

This is not the only part of the Strip that is seeing impressive tourism surges, though. The northern area of the Strip has begun to see major increases in tourism in recent years. This is largely due to the opening of new casinos, including Resorts World Las Vegas.

New reports have recently begun to surface that discuss the growing popularity of Northern Strip casinos. Many of these properties including Resorts World, The Strat, and Sahara Las Vegas have started seeing big surges in tourism. Resorts World Las Vegas President and Chief Executive Scott Sibella spoke to the media about the growth of this area of the city earlier this week.

“There’s a lot going on down here. In five years, I think this will be the hot side of the Strip and the heart of Las Vegas,” Sibella said. “These projects typically take about five years. There’s a couple of years of design and development and maybe I should have said something different. It’s a couple of years of design. So I think we are a couple of years away from actually being able to answer what that project and budget will look like.”

2022 has just begun and Las Vegas is already seeing impressive revenue figures. Here’s a quick look at how this city’s casinos might fare over the next few months.

Las Vegas Casinos Prepare for Revenue Increases

The entire city of Las Vegas has been thriving over the past year. That is fantastic news, as this city seemed to be struggling immensely throughout 2020. The casinos here were shut down for months out of 2020 and tourism into the city remained extremely low.

Some major changes have been taking place in this city as of late. MGM Resorts International has been involved in several major casino sales here. That includes the sale of The Mirage to Hard Rock International for just over $1 billion.

Las Vegas Sands has been involved in some major sales, as well. Its high-profile sale of The Venetian to Apollo Management has just been given approval. This is a major decision for the company, which claims it plans to focus more on its operations overseas.

Many companies are working to break into the Las Vegas casino industry. Just about all analysts are expecting massive amounts of gambling venues to flow into this city over the next ten months. The summer months, in particular, should prove to be some of the best in history for the city’s casino industry.

The Northern Las Vegas Strip will benefit from a surge in tourism. We’ll be sure to continue reporting on the revenue increases here over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates!

Downtown Las Vegas is Set to Welcome New Casinos Soon

The Las Vegas Strip is not the only area of Las Vegas home to a huge number of popular casinos. Downtown Las Vegas is its historic center and is also home to many casinos. Gambling revenue in the Downtown area increased rapidly in 2022 and many companies are now pushing hard to open new casinos here.

That includes Station Casinos. The Fertitta-owned company is known as one of the largest casino operators in the city. Not long ago, company officials revealed plans to open a new gambling venue in the Downtown area.

Station Casinos is also interested in opening a new casino in the Southwestern area of the city. This property, known as Durango Station, is expected to be a major hit with locals in the area. Many are hopeful to see this venue go under construction this year.

Several popular properties such as Golden Nugget and Circa Las Vegas are already posting impressive revenue gains in 2022. Circa is home to one of the most impressive sportsbooks in the city. This property alone should help to boost Downtown Vegas’ profile in the coming years.

Do you think the Northern Las Vegas Strip will succeed in 2022? Will the casinos in this city break new revenue records this year? Let us know in the comments section below.