No Marijuana Allowed On Casino Grounds Via NGC


MarijuanaThe state of Nevada passed legislation to make it legal to possess, use and sell marijuana, the casinos will not permit usage via the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Several states in the US are considering legalizing marijuana, with some already having done so. In Nevada, it is legal for an individual to possess, use or sell marijuana but laws are still in place to make it illegal for someone to use the substance while in a public setting. Individual businesses can decide if they want to allow weed usage or not but casinos do not have that luxury. The Nevada Gaming Commission has decided that casinos are not to allow marijuana usage on their grounds.

No Usage at Casinos

It was last week that the Nevada Gaming Commission decided that despite usage being legal, they would not allow marijuana to be used on casino grounds. The Commission reportedly discussed the subject for more than an hour, talking about several aspects of het drug. The Commission talked about the federal status, which is illegal, before making their decision.

Even though the Commission has decided upon this ruling, there is still much to do. The group must now codify their decision and then determine how wide the ban will stretch. Terry Johnson is a Commission member who stated that the group has some work to do in figuring out what the policy will be and how it should be created. The Commission must decide if it will be enough to make policy-type pronouncements or if rules should be adopted so that everyone is on notice as to the expectations and requirements are.

What’s Happening Now

As of right now, the Nevada Gaming Commission has set a standard where there will be no allowance for smoking of marijuana by a guest or employee at the casino grounds or within hotels of such venues. Venues that hold licensing will not be able to host shows that feature marijuana, conventions or gatherings that will promote the use, selling or growing of the substance.

Licensees should also not form a business partnership or finance a company or individual who is involved in the industry of marijuana not should they accept financing or partnership from such companies or individuals. For now, it seems the rules are set based on the federal ruling of marijuana, which does not legalize the substance.

The debate of marijuana use is long running. While some feel that the usage will create a gambling issue, others say that the drug can be used to create a clear mind so decisions can be made better such as at the poker table. For proponents, they argue that the drug is relaxing and allows the individual while making decisions at the poker table or within other games like blackjack or baccarat. Opponents feel that using the drug can create loose game play and the individual can end up spending more money than they planned at the casino which can lead to even more problems.

For now, players and employees of gaming venues and hotels in Nevada will have to follow the rules of the Nevada Gaming Commission or accept the consequences. For now, marijuana usage is not allowed and it will most likely not change in the near future. When looking on a federal level, officials in Washington and the Attorney General are actively seeking to increase prosecution of marijuana usage so the Gaming Commissions stance is not likely to change in time soon.