NJ Senator Preparing Legislation for Outside State Wagering

Ray Lesniak

Ray LesniakState Senator Ray Lesniak should be ready to introduce legislation to allow interstate and international online gambling within New Jersey by next week.

In the United States, only three individual states currently allow for some form of online gaming to take place for real money; be it casino or poker. New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware all allow online gaming but players must be physically located within the states borders in order to log online and take part. Nevada and Delaware decided some time ago to share player liquidity which means that poker players in Delaware can log on to Nevada poker sites and vice versa.

The shared player pools only work for poker as Nevada does not offer casino games online at this time. New Jersey was invited to tag along but chose not to at the present time. However, one legislator seems to be poised to introduce legislation that would allow for not only intestate wagering but also international gaming as well. New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak recently announced that by next week, he should be introducing legislation that will allow for individuals located outside of their state to place bets at casinos and poker rooms online that are based in New Jersey.

According to Online Poker Report, the senator stated that he will have legislation ready to go by August 25th. This would mark the first step in providing interstate and international player pooling. Poker sites in New Jersey are struggling when compared to online casino gaming so essentially, the poker gaming industry of the state could drastically improve if such legislation were to be approved.

Tough Going

The efforts by Lesniak to see the industry open up to other states and internationally will not be easy to accomplish. Senators and assembly members will be busy trying to maintain their seats as this is an election year. Someone will also be taking the place of Chris Christie so minds will not necessarily be on seeing certain bills come to pass.

While the bill would help New Jersey to continue to dominate the online gaming industry, it is not necessarily an issue that needs to be covered. However, Lesniak is billing New Jersey as having the potential to become a ‘Mecca of internet gaming’ which could be a driving point to see legislators get behind the bill.

Last Ditch Effort

Lesniak has been a strong supporter of online gaming in New Jersey for many years. After he failed to receive the governor’s seat, he plans to retire from the Senate by the year’s end. This could essentially be his last effort to see the gambling industry continue to succeed in the state. With Lesniak, the online gaming industry of the state and as a whole across the nation will lose a big champion of the activities. The senator was actually a driving force behind why the state enacted a law to begin with in order to get in on the online gaming action.

It seems the state may be better poised to see such legislation pass next year. The state is also looking at their sports betting case so eyes are in other regions of the gaming industry. A sports betting law created in the state is currently part of a case that the Supreme Court will review with the potential for the state to be able to offer sports betting, if changes are made federally.

For now, Lesniak is trying his best to see the online gambling industry of his state succeed. It will be interesting to see how well received this measure will be and if the state will end up opening up their iGaming options to other states as well as on an international level.