New Jersey Online Gaming Revenues Surpass $20m Again

New Jersey

New JerseyThe online gambling industry of New Jersey continues to thrive, with the $20 million mark surpassed this past April.

Online gambling is lacking in the United States, with only three individual states offering options to enjoy casino or poker gaming online. New Jersey is one such state that offers both casino and poker options online and has seemingly become the top provider of such gaming in the US. With operators including the Tropicana, 888, WSOP, Borgata and more, it is no surprise that the state has been able to do so well when it comes to online gaming.

Pushing past the $20m mark

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has released the details involving the gaming revenue totals for online casino and poker sites of the state for the month of April showing that $20,822,026 was earned. This is the second highest monthly total for the state since online gaming began in 2013. This was also the second time the state was able to see the $20m mark surpassed two months running. In March, the online gaming industry of the state was able to come in at $21.75 million, which is the current industry record.

Online Casino Numbers

For April, the online casinos of New Jersey earned a total of $18,853,649. This is a 3.3% decline when compared to March totals but is actually a flat representation of earnings due to the month having less days than March and the industry actually set a record that month which is unusual. When putting aside the totals from March, the online casinos of the state were actually able to see more revenue earnings in April than any other month in the history of their online gaming offering. The amount is actually $2.3 million more than ever earned.

The month of April also saw a record set by an online operator. The Tropicana AC online casino was able to set a new revenue record for the second month in a row. The online operator has remained consistent, setting up quality earnings but within the past two months are surpassed the $3 million mark. In March, the operator earned $3.86 million while April produced a whopping $3.94 million.

A Look at Online Poker

While the online casino industry of NJ is seemingly booming, online poker is not doing so great. It seems poker games have not been as popular online as slots and table games. For April, online poker was only able to generate $1,968,377. This is the first time the industry has earned under $2 million, going back as far as summer of last year.

When looking at comparisons, April year-over-year revenues were down 23.9% while month to month saw a decrease of 12.6%. However, when looking at YOY totals, it is important to note that April of last year marked the month when PokerStars was in business for a full month, so larger numbers are no surprise.

Back to casino gaming for a moment, the Golden Nugget was the top performer, earning more than $5 million in monthly revenues for April. This is the third month in a row that the operator has been able to surpass the $5 million mark.  Remarkably, the operator was able to pull in just over $6 million in March, an overall good month for online gaming in the state.

It is expected that online poker numbers will be up when the May revenues are revealed. The online poker sites are going to be offering BLAST on the WSOP/888 network while PokerStars will be hosting the NJSCOOP.