New Jersey Online Gamers Keep Hitting the Jackpot

New JerseyAn update of jackpots hit online in New Jersey shows that players keep winning, especially at the Golden Nugget.

The state of New Jersey has shown within the past few months just how successful online gambling can be. Online casinos in the state continue to do well, offering players quality games, incentives, tournaments and more. Aside from offering new games on a regular basis, the casinos in New Jersey provide players with the potential to earn life-changing jackpots. Just recently, the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement provided an update to the list of jackpots that are running over $75,000. For this year, players in the state have been able to earn more than $2.6 million by playing games connected to major jackpots.

Jackpots Galore

According to the reports by the NJDGE, the months of May and August were quite lucrative for the players enjoying jackpot gaming. In May, the Game King Bonus Poker of the Borgata awarded three jackpots of $160,000 for wagers of just $0.10! This is a major amount of cash for a very small wager. The three jackpots were hit within three days of each other all three times.

In August, two jackpots were hit on the 7th, both from the Golden Nugget online casino. The first was a $200,362 jackpot from the Get Clucky game, with only a $20 wager. The second was hit on the Jungle Spirit game from the Golden Nugget with just over $207,000 earned on a $100 wager.

The next jackpot took place at Betfair on the Quick Hit Platinum game for a $5 wager. The player was able to earn just over $197,000 while playing online on the 17th of August. The final jackpot on this list was hit on the 24th of August, at the Golden Nugget on the Divine Fortune game. With a wager of just $10, the player was able to earn just over $271,000.

Top Two Online Casino Providers

Interestingly enough, the jackpot wins took place at the top two operators of the state. The Golden Nugget continues to dominate the competition, earning record revenues each and every month or getting close at least. The brand is way ahead of the competition, even earning millions more during a monthly time frame than their second place rival Borgata.

For 2017, the Golden Nugget has earned more than $56 million in revenues from online gaming. This is a massive amount of cash for the online gaming industry. This amount is actually just over 23% of the overall revenue for the Golden Nugget.

As for the Borgata, their live gaming revenue is much more plentiful than the Golden Nugget. While the Golden Nugget dominates in online gaming earnings, the Borgata has been able to bring in close to 3.5 more in live revenues than their competitor. So, while the online presence is quite small when compared to the Golden Nugget, the Borgata does better in land based gaming.

In the United States, New Jersey is by far the top state when it comes to online gaming. They have been able to meet record earning numbers this year, having already reached the $200 million mark for 2017 with November and December earnings yet to come. Delaware and Nevada have been unable to reach the scope of success that NJ has seen. Now, it will be interesting to see how Pennsylvania fares once they are up and running next year. They may be the competition for NJ or we may see the state continue to dominate within the online gaming industry of the United States.