NJ Online Gambling Study Finds Young Men are Main Participants

Rutgers University

Rutgers UniversityA study recently conducted by the Center for Gambling Studies at Rutgers University finds that young men are the main source of online wagers in the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey has been a leading provider of online gambling options for some time now as both online poker and casino gaming are offered in the state. Land based casinos had to partner with online operators and be approved for licensing before being allowed to go forward with online game play. So far, the state has done quite well and seen record revenue earnings, with casinos earning a pretty penny with their efforts.

A Study Conducted

A recent study was conducted by the Center for Gambling Studies at Rutgers University of Social Work to find out information about the industry within the state of New Jersey. The study took data for one year from the websites of online casinos and poker rooms of the state and determined that young men are the majority of gamblers who access the sites.

Over 79,000 players placed wagers online and of that number, almost 77% were men. The study found that young men are the average gambler in New Jersey via online gaming sites spanning from ages 25 to 34. This is far different from land based venues whose traffic is generated from older players, particularly seniors. The study found that less than 1% of the gamblers involved in the study were 65 years of age or older. Around 11% were from the age of 55 to 64.

When Are Players Gambling?

According to the study, players are logging online to one or two sites on average. 10% of those involved in the study were gambling almost every day, placing as much as 440 bets on average per day on several sites and spending big money. According to the findings, of this number, over half were women.

The director of the Center and leader of the study, Lia Nower, stated that this peaked interest and the group would like to know more about this section of women who are spending money on gambling. It was found that the percentage of women were gambling on three different online casino sites on average, with some visiting as many as six. An average of around $500,000 was spent a year on such gaming with the experts surprised that 53% of this group was women.

Responsible Gaming Having a Positive Effect

The study was also able to find that the features of responsible gaming have had a positive effect on individuals who use the features. Every online gaming site in the state is required to provide gamblers with certain features such as setting a deposit limit, time frame for gambling, losses, etc. Self-exclusion options are also provided. Around 14% of players have chosen to use these features to their advantage.

According to Nower, the good news is that players that are setting limits are spending less than those who do not use the feature. Setting deposit limits is the second favorite feature, next to self-excluding, which is then followed by limiting the amount of time that is spent on gambling.

The study found that men use a combination of the responsibility features while women are more likely to use the self-exclusion feature. Those who self-exclude were found to spend on average $45,000 a year.

It is interesting to see how players have been enjoying the online gaming options in New Jersey within the past year. The data shows that the younger audience want something different than what land based venues can provide. The study could be used as a guide to show other states just how online gambling is used and who is opening up to the option. Many states are looking for more information before deciding to move forward with online gambling legislation.