New Jersey Online Casino Revenues Significantly Higher

New Jersey State

Online gaming in New Jersey continues to do well, with casino options outperforming poker in revenue numbers. While online casinos see consistency in revenues, online poker continues to decline.

Online gambling options are few and far between in the United States. Only three states currently offer such gaming options, including the state of New Jersey. Land based casinos in New Jersey have partnered with online operators to offer gaming and the online casino industry has done quite well, especially when compared to online poker. For the past few months online casino revenues have been significantly higher than poker, with casino gaming making up the difference for poker weakness.

Comparing Revenue Numbers for June

For the month of June, online casino gaming was a much bigger contributor to the overall gaming revenues when compared to online poker. Online casino gaming earned an almost 50% gain from the same month last year and was slightly higher than May with $14.4mm in earnings. It was the Tropicana and Golden Nugget who were able to drive in the earnings for online casino game play.

As far as online poker was concerned, only $1.97mm was earned which was a more than 20% drop in revenues compared to June of 2015. This was also a 5% drop from May to June. The biggest hit went to PokerStars who saw a drop of around 30% when it comes to online poker earnings. Borgata was also hit, seeing yet another month go by with a decline in revenues. The Borgata Casino was down 17% with June marking the sixth consecutive month where revenues were in decline.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

In New Jersey, there are several operators who offer online casino and poker gaming. At the Borgata, you have the Borgata gaming sites, Party and Pala Interactive. With this grouping, poker continued to decline but online casino gaming did well, making the Borgata the top grossing operator for online gambling overall.

Caesars provides gaming via 888, Harrah’s, Caesars and WSOP which lost just a small portion of online poker revenues but fell flat when it came to casino gaming.

The Golden Nugget was the top operator for June, with gaming provided by the Golden Nugget and Betfair. The Golden Nugget was able to post casino revenues gains in the double digits and was the first to earn more than $3.5mm in one month due to casino revenues.

Resorts AC, which consists of Resorts, PokerStars NJ and the Mohegan Sun, had a good month for June, when it comes to casino revenues but overall numbers were down due to a lack of activity in online poker gaming. PokerStars was hit the hardest, with the 30% drop mentioned earlier.

Tropicana, which includes Virgin and Tropicana, were able to see consistent growth in casino gaming in regards to year over year and month to month.

As The Year Continues

It will be interesting to see the online poker and casino gaming totals as the year continues. Emphasis has been placed on online poker with such names as PokerStars in the mix but it seems that players are more interested in the online casino gaming content. While PokerStars did well initially, this big drop is something to watch. Will PokerStars continue to see a decline in revenues as the months pass buy or was the month of June just a fluke and the brand will see higher revenues as the months continue on?

For now, players have access to quality gaming options in both genres, with options for tournaments, cash gaming, promotions and more. Each operator in New Jersey offers something different which gives players a new site to enjoy anytime they like. The numbers for July should be released in the coming weeks and will be compared to June to see how the online gaming sites compare going forward.