New Jersey Denied Sports Betting Legalization Yet Again

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Sports Betting in New JerseyAfter many attempts, the state of New Jersey continues to be denied the right to offer sports betting within land based casino venues and racetracks.

New Jersey is known as a mecca for gambling in the United States. Land based casinos can be found in Atlantic City for poker and casino gaming with online options of the same variety offered as well. Race tracks are offered in the state as well so gamblers can spend a day enjoying the races whenever they choose. However, one area that the state would like to offer in regards to gambling never seems to come to fruition. The state has been trying for years to gain permissions to offer sports betting gambling options but continues to be denied by the federal government.

Denied Yet Again

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court did not give the state the answer they were hoping for. The court set aside the challenge by the state against the federal betting ban, essentially telling the state they cannot offer sports betting options. New Jersey passed a law in 2014 that would allow sports betting to take place at casinos and racetracks in the state. The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled that this law is invalid.

The court found the law that repealed prohibitions of sports gambling to be in violation of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This act forbids sports gambling to be authorized by individual states. The court stated that because of the act, according to the terms of the PASPA, the states is prohibited from authorizing by law sports gambling and the 2014 law does exactly that so it is in violation of federal law.

Current Sports Betting Options

Currently within the United States, only Nevada is allowed to offer sports betting on individual games within the legal sense. The state of Delaware is authorized to offer such gaming and provides multigame parlay betting. This means that players pick several games and must choose correctly to be able to win on their wager.

Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, along with others in state legislature who were in support of legalized sports betting have tried to push the issue but to no avail. Entering the industry would have given the state additional ways to help the struggling casinos as well as horse racing venues.

Right now, if sports gambling options were to be legalized, the only venue that could begin offering wagers would be Monmouth Park. Other venues would surely follow but it would be some time before actual wagering would be able to begin.

Would Online Sports Betting Be Included?

If for some reason the state was actually able to convince the federal court to allow their law, would the state try to offer online sports betting options? One would assume that the state would first establish the land based sports wagering before going online, but of course that is just an assumption. It might be easier just to head online since players like to gamble online as can clearly be seen with the revenues that the online casino and poker industry bring.

Most sporting organizations are against allowing sports betting on a federal level within every state. Organizations worry about match fixing or issues with cheating, which would hurt the integrity of the given sport. It is not uncommon to see such instances take place internationally, in such sports as tennis and snooker. However, other states in the US, like Nevada and Delaware have been successful in offering the option, so why not open the market up to New Jersey?