NIGC Dismisses Online Site of Tribal Operator

The National Indiana Gaming Commission is now refuting claims that they gave approval to Atlantis Gaming Corporation to launch an online gambling and DFS site.

At the start of the week, it was announced by the Atlantis Gaming Corporation that they would begin to offer an online gambling and daily fantasy sports product in the United States. The Las Vegas based company stated that they had been given the regulatory approvals to begin such an endeavor and that they would be the only federally recognized site of their kind to be offered in the United States. A federal agency mentioned in the announcement is now coming forward stating they did not give such approvals.

National Indian Gaming Commission Comes Forward

The National Indian Gaming CommissionThe National Indian Gaming Commission announced that they did not give the Atlantis Gaming Corporation the approval to launch an online gambling site that would offer casino and daily fantasy sports gaming options. The Atlantis Gaming Corporation sent out a press release at the beginning of the week that stated the company had been given approval by two federal agencies to launch their refined option for online gaming. The release included plans for the company to create a new daily fantasy sports startup next year.

Donald L. Bailey is the CEO of Atlantis Gaming Corporation as well as holds the CEO position within the Atlantis Internet Group. Back in 2012, this company announced plans to create the Tribal Gaming Network which would be a network providing online gambling via terminals which would be located within casinos owned by Indian tribes. The terminals would have online capabilities and be connected to other tribal gaming venues.

In the release by the company this week, it was announced that a licensing deal had been signed with the Atlantis Internet Group to use the product by the Tribal Gaming Network and Bailey will be leading the network through processes of approval from the National Indian Gaming Commission and the United States Department of Justice.

Not Happy with the Announcement

The National Indian Gaming Commission is not happy with the claims by the Atlantis Gaming Corporation and yesterday released their own press release on the matter. The NIGC stated that they had not reviewed any daily fantasy sports or online betting game from the company and they do not approve or will license games for play in the facilities of tribal gaming.

The NIGC went on to state that their Office of General Counsel had sent out an advisory opinion back in 2009 in regards to the Tribal Gaming Network previous company, the Casino Gateway Network. The group placed emphasis on the fact that the opinion from 2009 was not an opinion on online gaming and there has not been an opinion issue on the subject of daily fantasy sports for the Atlantis group or any other entity.

Jonodev Chaudhuri is the chairman of the NIGC who stated that the group had been sent several inquiries in regards to the press release by the Atlantis Gaming Corporation but the NIGC was not a part of the process of approval as had been described within the release. The Commission feels that it is important to clarify their position and let the public know they did not approve such activities by the AGC.

So now, it will be interesting to see if the Atlantis Gaming Corporation decides to respond and what they will say. If the governing body is stating they did not give approvals, then we have to assume that they are telling the truth. Will the AGC continue with the plans to launch gambling and daily fantasy sports options?