New Hampshire’s Online Lottery Sales Has Massachusetts Worrying

New Hampshire

New HampshireAs New Hampshire expands their lottery sales online, neighboring state Massachusetts is beginning to worry about a negative impact.

Many states in the US are looking to sell lottery tickets online. The added revenues from online ticket sales certainly come in handy. New Hampshire is the latest state to decide to begin selling tickets online and their decision to expand in this manner has neighboring state Massachusetts a bit worried.

Negative Implications

The state of Massachusetts governing officials is worried that the change will have a negative effect. This summer, New Hampshire became one of only a handful of states that offers online lottery sales legally. This step pushed the state ahead of Massachusetts, a place where the idea of expanding to online gambling and lottery ticket sales has been up for discussion for some time now.

Massachusetts is falling behind and could suffer greatly is their neighbors continue to advance further into the gambling industry than they do. Deborah Goldberg is the Treasurer of the state who stated that the expansion in New Hampshire will have a negative effect on Massachusetts.

According to the Statehouse News Service, Goldberg stated that the state is going to have to look at what drove profit last year. The game of keno is one that for the last two years the state has beefed up sales and the game helped carry the weight of the industry. Now that New Hampshire offers online lottery and keno, Goldberg says the state is sitting like dead ducks.

Lottery officials in Massachusetts have vocally announced their worries too. Basically, New Hampshire residents now have less of a need to cross into Massachusetts to buy tickets as they can just go online. This could cause a big dip in lottery sales for the state now that New Hampshire offers ease of purhcases.

Will Online Gambling Be Next?

Both New Hampshire and Massachusetts have also considered online gambling. Will New Hampshire beat Massachusetts to the punch again? The effort was just revitalized in New Hampshire though how serious efforts are is still a mystery. However, the state does have the ability to authorize the lottery to run online gambling so the format is there.

As far as Massachusetts is concerned, the state legislature does not seem to be in a rush to pass legislation on the matter. A special commission was created to focus efforts on learning more about online gambling and daily fantasy sports, with the group stating that they believe online gambling will come to fruition eventually. However, the group did not advocate for legalization and regulation to begin.

For now, neither state is showing any promise to join New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada in offering online gambling, be in casino, poker or both.

The Future Remains Uncertain

While online gambling efforts seem to be moving forward in the United States, the future of casino and poker gaming online seems uncertain. Many states are focusing efforts on daily fantasy sports or online lottery ticket sales, while casino and poker takes a back seat. There are states that show promise when it comes to iGaming legislation, like Pennsylvania, but currently there is no state with set legislation in place that appears to be moving forward to become law.

Pennsylvania seems to be the closest to passing legislation and government officials will be back in session in the coming days. It will be interesting to see if the state moves forward with online gambling efforts or if perhaps another state jumps in the running to become the next to offer online gambling options in the state.