New Hampshire Online Gambling Efforts Back in Action

New Hampshire

New HampshireOnline gambling discussions are back on for the state of New Hampshire.

Across the United States, legislative changes are taking place in regards to gambling. From adding online lottery sales to casino and poker venues, states are getting in on the gambling industry as they try to generate much-needed revenues for their area. In the realm of online gaming, all eyes have been on the state of Pennsylvania as lawmakers have been trying to figure out how to expand their gambling offerings, including online casino and poker gaming. Just this week, New Hampshire has reemerged in the online gambling talks with a hearing set to take place next month on the matter.

A Little Back Story

A bill was introduced back in January that was set to discuss online gambling for New Hampshire. H 562 has now reemerged just shortly after the state decided to begin offering online lottery sales. It now appears that this bill will be subject to a hearing on September 6th with a subcommittee to look at the info during a work session. Which subcommittee will review the bill is unclear.

H 562 is actually a placeholder bill. This means that the measure is a way to begin the conversation on the matter of online gambling without having to follow a strict regulatory structure. The bill is pretty vague and simply exempts online gambling from the gambling offenses based on RSA 647 of the state.

The bill states further that is legalizes a form of gambling and it may have an interminable impact on the charitable and lottery gaming revenues. A basic interpretation will suggest that the bill will focus on creating a white market which means operators from around the world will be able to offer gaming options to residents of the state.

Minimal Land Based Venues

The theory that New Hampshire will offer online gaming based on global means comes from the fact that the state does not currently have a land-based gaming industry like Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Finding online gaming companies to work with might prove to be difficult. However, what lawmakers are trying to accomplish is still not clear so we will basically have to wait and see what happens before we know exactly what might be taking place in the state.

Back in June, the state decided to begin offering online lottery sales. Legislation quietly moved through Legislature and certain products can now be purchased online. It could be that now that the state is offering online lottery gaming, lawmakers have decided to revisit the online gambling debate.

Whatever the reason, it is nice to see a new face when it comes to the online gambling discussion in the United States.

Still No Movement in Pennsylvania

As we mentioned, Pennsylvania has been the top state in regards to who will pass online gambling legislation next. There is still no new news on the matter but by next month, we should be able to see if the state is going to be able to make any progress as to what they plan on expanding on when it comes to gambling. So far, a great deal of options are on the table including video gaming terminals, online gaming and daily fantasy sports.

Early on, 2017 showed great promise that at least one state would join Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey in offering some form of online gaming options. However, the year is slowing finishing up and not one state has been able to provide legislation that could reach a governor’s desk for approval.