NFL Betting in the US is Growing Extremely Popular

The US sports betting industry is exploding with popularity right now. It seems like every month, a new state chooses to legalize and regulate the industry. This week, new reports indicate that NFL betting in the US is growing at an unprecedented rate. NFL Logo

It’s exciting for sports fans around the country. Today, we’re going to look at the top sports betting states in the country. We’ll also talk about how popular NFL betting is becoming right now.

US Sports Gambling Industry Growing Extremely Quickly

Just a few years ago, sports gambling in the US was only regulated in Nevada. This was due to PASPA, a set of laws that made it illegal for states to set laws on the sports betting industry. The US Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018 and now, every single state can set its laws on this form of gambling.

More than 10 states now have fully-regulated sports betting markets. Some states allow both online and land-based betting. Others only allow sports betting to take place inside casinos.

Several states with legalized sports betting are now profiting massively. New Jersey, for example, now has a huge number of land-based and online sports betting platforms available. This state is earning millions of dollars every single month from this industry.

Even New York, which has previously implemented some extremely strict laws on gambling, now allows sports betting. It’s great news for sports fans in these states. They are able to place wagers on their favorite teams quickly and easily.

The 2019 football season is just around the corner. New reports show that NFL betting in the US is going to bring in an incredible amount of money.

NFL Betting in the US Will Bring in Billions of Dollars This Year

The NFL remains the most popular sports league in the United States. The upcoming season will officially begin tomorrow, on September 5th. The first game will take place between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

With sports betting now available throughout much of the country, gambling on the NFL is expected to bring in more money than ever before. A new report from the American Gaming Association claims that 38 million Americans are expected to bet on this NFL season.

That represents 15% of all adults in the country. Seven million of these adults claim they will make their bets through regulated casino sportsbooks. Millions of others claim they will make their wagers through online betting sites, or with privately with friends.

It’s clear that Americans love to bet on sports. According to the AGA poll, 75% of sports gamblers claim that they are more likely to watch a game that they bet on than ones that they do not. Nearly 30% claim they are also more likely to attend a game that they’ve wagered on.

There are still a huge number of states that have not yet regulated the sports betting industry. Fortunately, there are some great internet sports betting websites available throughout the entire country right now.

Online Sports Betting Sites Available Throughout the US

Many states are currently in the process of regulating sports betting. Unfortunately, most of these states will not have their sports gambling operations up and running by the time the NFL season concludes. Fortunately, there are some fantastic internet sports betting websites that are currently available in almost every state.

One of the most popular US online football betting sites available right now is Bovada. This site has grown extremely popular over the years with both casino and sports betting fans thanks to its safe payment system and a wide range of different wagering options. Members of this site can still place their bets on tomorrow’s game between the Bears and Packers.

The Chicago Bears enter this game as the considerable betting favorites. Bovada lists the team’s odds to win at -160. The Packers aren’t the team they were just a few years ago, and enter this game with odds to win at +140.

There is a complete set of this week’s NFL betting odds available through Bovada. Check out our Bovada review today to learn more about what this US gambling site offers right now!

Sports betting is growing quickly around the country. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates to US sports gambling laws over the next few months!